August 28, 2017


ORESTA is featured in Vogue Magazine!

photo David Barbour

A great article by Matilde Weergeland featuring our LAUREL Holistic Facial. Feeling honoured to be in the company of other wonderful healthy local Ottawa businesses.

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August 23, 2017



Get Your Teen Skin Ready For Back To School

Our TEEN FACIAL is the ideal facial for the first timer, the teen with hormonal breakouts, sensitive skin or severe acne. We focus on educating teens (both girls and boys) on how to care for their specific skin type and what products are best suited for their skin. We teach them how to cleanse, exfoliate and even squeeze pimples in a way that reduces healing time and prevents scaring.

PROMOTION: Between now and September 22nd, with every Teen Facial + product purchase, receive a COMPLIMENTARY Konjac Sponge. 

Konjac sponges are 100% natural vegetable fibre facial sponges made from the root of the konjac plant. They are softer than a loofah or sea sponge and perfect for cleansing even the most sensitive skin types. These biodegradable sponges are available in 2 varieties: natural and bamboo charcoal.

The Bamboo Charcoal sponge is perfect for oily, blemish-prone skin. It enhances absorption while removing excess oil and helps fight acne-causing bacteria.

Get ready for school with supplies + skin care. Book your facial today!

August 04, 2017


Does Raspberry Seed Oil Offer Natural SPF?

There has been much discussion and controversy regarding healthy sun protection. Chemical sunscreens have been proven to be carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting and although mineral sunscreens appear to be safer, its unclear how these minerals are being processed or manufactured. We are so afraid of skin cancer and are told to slather ourselves with sunscreen and avoid the sun. It's important to understand that the sun naturally boosts the production of melatonin, serotonin and Vitamin D that are critical to our health. Rather than avoiding the sun, we need to practice responsible sun exposure and sun protection.

Did you know that natural sun protection can be found in oils?

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May 30, 2017


Do I need to use a FACIAL OIL?


Facial Oil MYTHS:

1. Facial oils aren't suitable for those with oily skin.
2. Facial oils should only be used in the winter months.
3. Facial oils will cause you to break out.

Applying oil onto my face? Yes, there are oils that are suitable for every skin types. Facial oils actually balance the skin (even oily skin), deliver nutrients to the skin, lock in moisture, heal and protect the skin throughout they year and they will not make you break out or look greasy.

I PROMISE that once you start using facial oils you will never, ever want to stop using them.

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May 22, 2017


Our ORESTA photo shoot with Laura Kelly


It has been a long time coming but we finally organized a photoshoot for ORESTA team shots as well as individual shots. We had such fun morning with Laura Kelly at our ORESTA Beechwood gallery location. She made us feel so comfortable and ensured that we have alot of fun during the shoot! Here is a nice post from Laura about our photo shoot.


More images and exciting news coming soon!!!

April 25, 2017


Earth Day


In celebration of Earth Day, we'd like to help you clean and green
your skin care and makeup routine. Between April 22nd and 28th,
bring in your conventional skin care and cosmetic products and
 swap them out for an earth-friendly alternative.
 save $5 on each product 
receive a FREE milkweed seed packet
to help save the monarch butterfly
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April 13, 2017


Introducing our HOLISTIC FACELIFT with Gua Sha, Kansa + MLD

Oresta and Laryssa have been training with world renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbalist and Acupuncturist Dr. Ping Zhanghighly respected Dr. Vodder's Instructor Anne Bramham and Ayurvedic teacher Melanie Sachs. They are now certified in Gua Sha, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for the Face & Neck and Kansa treatments.

We are believers in healthy beauty. We want you to look your best but not at the expense of your health. We are committed to researching the most effective healthy beauty ingredients and studying results-oriented treatments and healing modalities. We have created our signature non-invasive ORESTA Holistic Facelift that produces incredible results! Prepare to be amazed with:

  • instant firming
  • definition of facial contours
  • lifting of sagging skin
  • decreased dark circles + puffiness of the eye
  • reduction of fine lines + wrinkles
  • diminishing of pigmentation and blemishes
  • a bright + radiant complexion
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March 29, 2017


Spring Detox Facial

Spring is a time of change. 

There is nothing that makes us feel better than a total refresh. Treat yourself to a Spring Detox Facial to slough off dry, dull winter skin and reveal a radiant head-to-toe healthy glow!


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March 14, 2017


The Environmental Working Group's 2017 Dirty Dozen List


Do I buy organic or conventional? The Environmental Working Group has released its 2017 'Dirty Dozen' list to reveal the fruits + vegetables that have the highest amount of pesticide residue.

They are:
1. Strawberries
2. Spinach
3. Nectarines
4. Apples
5. Peaches
6. Pears
7. Cherries
8. Grapes
9. Celery
10. Tomatoes
11. Sweet bell pepper
12. Potatoes

The 'Dirty Dozen' list helps consumers decide which fruits and vegetables are worth buying organic. Fruits like strawberries which have no protective outer peel and grow directly on the ground will always have high amounts of pesticide residue. Avocados, corn and bananas have peels or husks which shield produce flesh from pesticides.

In addition to buying organic for our health, there are many environmental benefits for supporting the organic industry to consider. Pesticides leach the soil and remain in groundwater and soil for decades, posing a health risk to communities living near fields treated with pesticides, our water and aquatic life.

It is definitely more challenging to purchase local, in season fruits year-round in Canada however, when possible, shop local and in-season. Visit your local farmers market and ask the growers if they use natural or synthetic pesticides.something else: how the produce was grown.

When shopping in stores, scan the label and PLU number on produce to distinguish whether it was genetically modified, organically grown or produced with chemical fertilizers, fungicides, or herbicides.

- If there are only four numbers in the PLU code, the produce was grown conventionally/traditionally with the use of pesticides. Bananas are 4011.

- If there are five numbers in the PLU code starting with 8, the item is a genetically modified fruit or vegetable. Genetically modified or genetically engineered fruits and vegetables are produced from organisms that have had changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering as opposed to traditional cross breeding. A genetically engineered (GE or GMO) banana is 84011.

- If there are five numbers in the PLU code starting with 9, the produce was grown organically and is not genetically modified. An organic banana is 94011.


March 11, 2017


Healthy Sun Protection Tips for your March Break Holiday

Are you heading out for a sun or ski March Break holiday? Don't forget your sun protection and remember that:

1. All sunscreens protect from UVB rays however only broad-spectrum sunscreens protect from both UVB + UVA rays. UVB rays affect the top layers of the skin and are responsible for Burning. UVA rays affect the lower layers of the skin and are responsible for Aging.

2. Applying a higher SPF does not offer you extended protection in the sun. Sunscreens with high SPF give people a false sense of security, which leads to inadequate use and increased exposure.
SPF 15 = 92% protection from damaging UV rays
SPF 30 = 97% protection from damaging UV rays
SPF 40 = 97.5% protection from damaging UV rays

3. RE-APPLICATION of sunscreen every 2 hours is key to effective sun protection. After 2 hours, your sun protection is 0%.

4. Chemicals in commercial sunscreens produce free radicals which cause aging and inflammation in the body. Titanium oxide or zinc oxide deflect the sun's rays and are a natural alternative to sunscreen chemicals. Avoid avobenzone or oxybenzone.

5. Plant oils offer varying degrees of ultraviolet protection, are rich in antioxidants to prevent free radical damage, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial to support the skin. Seek out products containing jojoba, seabuckthorn, red raspberry seed and cranberry seed oils.

6. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes PRIOR to going outdoors. As a rule of thumb, apply one ounce (a handful) to cover the entire body.  Sunscreen becomes less effective as it gets older so replace your sunscreen every year and keep it out of the sun as heat can also make it less effective.


Happy Holidays!