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Empowered Aging as a Practice

Aging is a natural part of life and at ORESTA we choose to embrace it, not fight it.  Yet, it can still bring a myriad of emotions and challenges. Embracing self-acceptance as we age is a journey, not a destination. It’s filled with ups and downs, influenced by our daily experiences, society's expectations, and personal milestones. As we age, this journey can become more profound, necessitating a deeper connection with ourselves.  

This is what Empowered Aging means to us:

  1. Daily Commitment: Self-acceptance requires us to show up for ourselves every day. Some days, we may feel confident and content, while others, we may struggle with self-doubt. Accepting this fluctuation is part of the process.

  2. Compassion Over Perfection: Empowered Aging and age positivity doesn’t mean striving for perfection. Instead, it’s about showing compassion towards ourselves, acknowledging our strengths and vulnerabilities, and understanding that imperfections are part of being human.

  3. Redefining Beauty and Worth: Society often equates youth with beauty and worth. Embracing aging means redefining these concepts for ourselves, recognizing the beauty in wisdom, experience, and authenticity.


Even with a strong practice of self-acceptance, there will be days when self-doubt creeps in. Here are three tips to help you navigate those low self-esteem days:

1. Practice Mindful Self-Compassion

On days when you’re feeling low, take a moment to practice mindful self-compassion. Sit quietly, breathe deeply, and acknowledge your feelings without judgment. Remind yourself that it’s okay to feel this way and that you deserve kindness and understanding.


Exercise: Try a loving-kindness meditation. Close your eyes and repeat phrases like, “May I be kind to myself,” “May I accept myself as I am,” and “May I find peace.”


2. Practice Gratitude

Many of us have those days where we find it hard to embrace or simply accept what is reflected in the mirror and that's okay! Empowered Aging isn't about always being positive. Practicing gratitude or acknowledging what is in front of you can be a powerful way to move passed negative feelings.


Exercise: If you are noticing negative self-talk, take a moment to acknowledge it and move passed it by saying neutral or thankful phrases like "I am grateful for my arms/legs/eyes etc..  that allow me to..." 


3. Engage in Activities That Bring You Joy

Engaging in activities that make you happy is a form of self-care and can shift your focus away from negative thoughts and uplift your spirit. Whether it’s a hobby, a walk in nature, skin care, your favourite lipstick colour or outfit, doing something you love can rejuvenate your mind and body.


Exercise: Write a list of things you do for self-care and enjoyment. Refer to it anytime you're feeling low and incorporate it into your day.


Empowered aging is about embracing the entirety of who we are, at every stage of life. It’s about practicing self-acceptance daily, understanding that it’s a journey with no fixed endpoint.

Remember, it’s perfectly okay to have days when you feel less confident. What matters most is how you support and nurture yourself through those moments. Here’s to embracing every wrinkle, every grey hair, and every step of this beautiful journey called life.

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