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The Environmental Working Group's 2017 Dirty Dozen List

March 14, 2017

  Do I buy organic or conventional? The Environmental Working Group has released its 2017 'Dirty Dozen' list to reveal the fruits + vegetables that have the highest amount of pesticide residue. https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/dirty_dozen_list.php They are:1. Strawberries2. Spinach3. Nectarines4. Apples5. Peaches6. Pears7. Cherries8. Grapes9. Celery10. Tomatoes11. Sweet bell pepper12. Potatoes The 'Dirty Dozen' list helps consumers decide which fruits and vegetables are worth buying organic. Fruits like strawberries which have no protective outer peel and grow directly on the ground will always have high amounts of pesticide residue. Avocados, corn and bananas have peels or husks which shield produce flesh from pesticides. In addition to buying organic for our health, there are many environmental benefits for supporting the organic industry to... Continue Reading →


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