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Is it time for a Digital Detox?

July 26, 2016

Do you ever leave the house without your phone? Is it the first thing you reach for or go to when you wake up? Do you get anxious when your device battery is running low? Do you feel anxious about all the messages piling up in your inbox?  Do you feel like you don't want to miss a post on Twitter or Instagram? Do you get lost for hours on Pinterest? Do you feel that your 'Facebook friends' have a much more exciting life than you do? If you answer YES to any of these questions, you may want to consider detaching from technology with a Digital Detox.  Everyone is detoxing these days. We are drinking green smoothies, cutting gluten and sugar out of our diets and greening up our skin... Continue Reading →

ORESTA's Birthday Giveaway

June 24, 2016

In 2001, I founded Ottawa’s first organic spa and healthy beauty boutique. I believed that no woman should ever compromise her health for beauty. At ORESTA, we do your homework for you so you can shop with confidence knowing that you are purchasing the best healthy beauty brands available on the market. We offer a unique selection of pure, results-oriented, organic, vegan, gluten and cruelty-free skin care, hair care, body care and cosmetics. We also offer custom blended organic, vegan and gluten-free spa treatments.

In 2008, Scott Lake, one of the original Shopify founders introduced me to Shopify. He believed that online shopping was the way of the future and that creating a clean, simple and easy to use e-commerce platform was a perfect compliment to our existing brick + mortar shop. We are honoured to be the 39th of now over 200,000 Shopify merchants. We have experienced significant growth and ORESTA now has 3 brick and mortar shops in Ottawa as well as a vibrant online shop. We are proud that oresta.ca was the first green beauty online store to offer safe and healthy beauty choices for women across Canada from large cities to small, rural communities.

For the next 7 days, visit ORESTA on Facebook & Instagram to enter our daily giveaway. We want to thank you and Shopify for helping us to grow by offering ORESTA treatments and products. For your chance to win, go to Facebook or Instagram and answer the daily question. Double your chances to win by entering on both!


Day 1:     S - Seaflora Detoxifying Pedicure with polish  ($75)

Day 2:     H - Holistic Reflexology Treatment ($85)

Day 3:     O - ORESTA signature organic facial + eye treatment ($155)

Day 4:     P - Pristine Beauty’s Brallywood Butta ($50)

Day 5:     I - Ilia lipstick + Mascara  ($68)

Day 6:     F - Fitglow Eyeshadow + Lipgloss ($61)

Day 7:     Y - YES organic lubricant + CAMP vanilla moon oil  ($48) 


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