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Oresta-and-Laryssa-in-the-field-at-sunset- post-summer-corrective-skin-care
Oresta-and-Laryssa-in-the-field-at-sunset- post-summer-corrective-skin-care

Skin care can be overwhelming. As holistic aestheticians, we understand how to best address skin at every age.

We've curated a collection of organic skin care products and tools that we trust so that you can achieve a healthy and radiant complexion that you love.

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Meet Oresta, the face behind the brand

MY INSPIRATION: My personal struggle with adult acne, the frustration of overspending on skin care products and enduring harsh skin care treatments and meds inspired me to support women in their beauty journey by simplifying clean beauty with honest advice and results driven skin care.

MY BEAUTY MOTTO: There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is comfortable with her perfect imperfections.

MY MORNING ROUTINE:  Warm lemon water, an Americano + green smoothie. Laurel Elixir II, LAUREL Antioxidant Serum, Laurel Day Balm, Eminence’s Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream

WHY I LOVE WHAT I DO: I get to work with my sister, I have the opportunity to empower women to feel beautiful at every age, to guide women how to age radiantly and how to best care of their skin with clean beauty products, tools and techniques that are good for their skin and kind to our planet.

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