April 25, 2017


Earth Day


In celebration of Earth Day, we'd like to help you clean and green
your skin care and makeup routine. Between April 22nd and 28th,
bring in your conventional skin care and cosmetic products and
 swap them out for an earth-friendly alternative.
 save $5 on each product 
receive a FREE milkweed seed packet
to help save the monarch butterfly
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April 13, 2017


Introducing our HOLISTIC FACELIFT with Gua Sha, Kansa + MLD

Oresta and Laryssa have been training with world renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbalist and Acupuncturist Dr. Ping Zhanghighly respected Dr. Vodder's Instructor Anne Bramham and Ayurvedic teacher Melanie Sachs. They are now certified in Gua Sha, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for the Face & Neck and Kansa treatments.

We are believers in healthy beauty. We want you to look your best but not at the expense of your health. We are committed to researching the most effective healthy beauty ingredients and studying results-oriented treatments and healing modalities. We have created our signature non-invasive ORESTA Holistic Facelift that produces incredible results! Prepare to be amazed with:

  • instant firming
  • definition of facial contours
  • lifting of sagging skin
  • decreased dark circles + puffiness of the eye
  • reduction of fine lines + wrinkles
  • diminishing of pigmentation and blemishes
  • a bright + radiant complexion
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March 29, 2017


Spring Detox Facial

Spring is a time of change. 

There is nothing that makes us feel better than a total refresh. Treat yourself to a Spring Detox Facial to slough off dry, dull winter skin and reveal a radiant head-to-toe healthy glow!


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March 14, 2017


The Environmental Working Group's 2017 Dirty Dozen List


Do I buy organic or conventional? The Environmental Working Group has released its 2017 'Dirty Dozen' list to reveal the fruits + vegetables that have the highest amount of pesticide residue.


They are:
1. Strawberries
2. Spinach
3. Nectarines
4. Apples
5. Peaches
6. Pears
7. Cherries
8. Grapes
9. Celery
10. Tomatoes
11. Sweet bell pepper
12. Potatoes

The 'Dirty Dozen' list helps consumers decide which fruits and vegetables are worth buying organic. Fruits like strawberries which have no protective outer peel and grow directly on the ground will always have high amounts of pesticide residue. Avocados, corn and bananas have peels or husks which shield produce flesh from pesticides.

In addition to buying organic for our health, there are many environmental benefits for supporting the organic industry to consider. Pesticides leach the soil and remain in groundwater and soil for decades, posing a health risk to communities living near fields treated with pesticides, our water and aquatic life.

It is definitely more challenging to purchase local, in season fruits year-round in Canada however, when possible, shop local and in-season. Visit your local farmers market and ask the growers if they use natural or synthetic pesticides.something else: how the produce was grown.

When shopping in stores, scan the label and PLU number on produce to distinguish whether it was genetically modified, organically grown or produced with chemical fertilizers, fungicides, or herbicides.

- If there are only four numbers in the PLU code, the produce was grown conventionally/traditionally with the use of pesticides. Bananas are 4011.

- If there are five numbers in the PLU code starting with 8, the item is a genetically modified fruit or vegetable. Genetically modified or genetically engineered fruits and vegetables are produced from organisms that have had changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering as opposed to traditional cross breeding. A genetically engineered (GE or GMO) banana is 84011.

- If there are five numbers in the PLU code starting with 9, the produce was grown organically and is not genetically modified. An organic banana is 94011.


March 11, 2017


Healthy Sun Protection Tips for your March Break Holiday

Are you heading out for a sun or ski March Break holiday? Don't forget your sun protection and remember that:

1. All sunscreens protect from UVB rays however only broad-spectrum sunscreens protect from both UVB + UVA rays. UVB rays affect the top layers of the skin and are responsible for Burning. UVA rays affect the lower layers of the skin and are responsible for Aging.

2. Applying a higher SPF does not offer you extended protection in the sun. Sunscreens with high SPF give people a false sense of security, which leads to inadequate use and increased exposure.
SPF 15 = 92% protection from damaging UV rays
SPF 30 = 97% protection from damaging UV rays
SPF 40 = 97.5% protection from damaging UV rays

3. RE-APPLICATION of sunscreen every 2 hours is key to effective sun protection. After 2 hours, your sun protection is 0%.

4. Chemicals in commercial sunscreens produce free radicals which cause aging and inflammation in the body. Titanium oxide or zinc oxide deflect the sun's rays and are a natural alternative to sunscreen chemicals. Avoid avobenzone or oxybenzone.

5. Plant oils offer varying degrees of ultraviolet protection, are rich in antioxidants to prevent free radical damage, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial to support the skin. Seek out products containing jojoba, seabuckthorn, red raspberry seed and cranberry seed oils.

6. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes PRIOR to going outdoors. As a rule of thumb, apply one ounce (a handful) to cover the entire body.  Sunscreen becomes less effective as it gets older so replace your sunscreen every year and keep it out of the sun as heat can also make it less effective.


Happy Holidays!



March 07, 2017


International Women's Day - Women Entrepreneurs in Healthy Beauty - Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations


Today we feature Nadine Artemis, creator and founder of Living Libations, unique line of serums, elixirs and essential oils that nurture beauty, strengthen the immune system and promote healthy oral care. When creating her products, Nadine takes great effort in sourcing authentic and pure botanicals distilled only from the named plant matter. She calls her essential oils Hi-Fi oils due to the distillers' faithful and accurate adherence to the master plant.The oils are distilled from either wild crafted or organically grown plants collected from their natural habitat in lieu of a farm. Living Libations avoid offering botanicals from rare or threatened species of plants growing in the wild to discourage their disruption and disappearance. Living Libations helps people reclaim their self-care so that their health and beauty are in their own hands and guided by their own intuition. A customer favourite is definitely oil cleansing with Living Libations Seabuckthorn oil cleanser!

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

N:   International Women’s Day sets aside time to celebrate our sisters across the globe and a day to recognize the wise and wonderful ways of womanhood.

What woman has been an inspiration to you?

N:   There are so many inspiring women: our suffragette sisters of earlier decades, the poetry of Maya Angelou, the clarity of Marianne Williamson, Rachel Carson who warned of a silent spring, the Dream Team of women that I get the honor of working with daily, my friends that forge new paths on this planet...

What impact does the Living Libations brand have on women?

N:   Living Libations’ embrace of Renegade Beauty surrenders to the seduction of doing less, allowing effortless beauty, and inviting beautiful botanicals and the elements and life force of Nature to revive the body, skin, and spirit. Let synthetic skincare chemicals fall away and bring in the breathability and the beauty of your own nature to shine through.

What would you like young women to know about International Women’s Day?

N:   International Women’s Day celebrates women, the reality of real women, not cultural stereotypes or airbrushed images of women. Young women should know that there is so much freedom when we live our lives without comparing ourselves to others. When we compare the world seems unfair. Comparing ourselves to ourselves causes us to condemn parts of our actions and appearance. We compare ourselves to the “more” of friends and to images in movies and magazines, constantly measuring ourselves against someone or something. Caught in a daily dialogue of inner conflict, comparison creates a rift that erodes confidence and breeds fear. Attempting to discover who we are through this way of thinking leads us to perceive ourselves through a fragmented reality. This inner schism between what is and what should be is a siphon that drains away our vital energy.

March 06, 2017


International Women's Day - Women Entrepreneurs in Healthy Beauty - Anna Domi, founder of Fitglow Beauty

Today, we feature Anna Domi, founder of FITGLOW BEAUTY. As an active person with uber-sensitive rosacea skin, Anna spent over a decade researching plant based ingredients and working with skin doctors and chemists to create products that activate and nourish skin cells. Fitglow Beauty is a Canadian skin care and make-up line that contains skin-soothing and healing products with the latest fashion shades and ingredients.

1. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

A:   Growing up in 4 different countries, I've experienced the great difference in how women are treated in different societies even to this day. International Women’s Day is day to celebrate the empowerment and achievements of women. Every year this day always reminds me that we should be working towards equality for all daily and not just during special days and planned events. The greatest power we have is to raise each other up and build the type of society that we can thrive in

2. What woman has been an inspiration to you?

A:   There are many great women that have inspired me but no one more than my own mom. She refused to be treated as a second class citizen in a communist country while being married to an abusive man, so she picked me up in the middle of the night to start a new life in a new country. She’s a kind and gentle woman yet underneath that sweetness she’s a powerhouse and I admire her for what she has accomplished. She didn’t feel sorry for herself or complain but took action to create a better life for herself and her child. When I face a challenge I always think that if she did it, so can I.

3. What impact does the Fitglow brand have on women?

A:   We try to make beauty a kind experience for women. Beauty to us is not about spending two hours getting ready, not being able to recognize yourself or not feeling confident without makeup. Beauty should be an easy and fun part of your day that gives you that extra boost in confidence and teaches you to love the imperfectly perfect parts of your unique beauty.

4. What would you like young women to know about International Women’s Day?

A:   While living in North America is a great place for women to thrive, that is not the case in other parts of the world. This is why its important to celebrate International Women’s Day and support each other not just in our communities but globally.

March 05, 2017


International Women's Day - Women Entrepreneurs in Healthy Beauty - Beth Lischeron, founder of Dragonfly Dreaming

It all began in the forest and Beth Lischeron's herb garden on Vancouver Island. Beth has been blending the healing traditions of herbalism & aromatherapy since 1996. Dragonfly Dreaming is an effective plant-based natural and organic body care line for the body and spirit. Her products are effective for eczema, toe nail fungus, athletes foot, cracked heels and fingers, tattoos and cold sores. 

1. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

B:   It's big question! As a woman who has lived internationally, every day is International Women's Day! It's a a day to celebrate and reflect on where we’ve been, what we've experienced and achieved and what our goals (both collectively and personally) might be. I think it’s a very important tool for education.

2. What women have inspired you?

B:   The unsung, unnamed and unassuming women who go about the business of bearing and raising children, tending to those who can’t take care of themselves, celebrating their lives and seeing them finally to their rest… Woman, writ large.

Individually, my grandmother who escaped war-torn Europe in the 1920’s and emigrated to Canada. She raised three children on her own through the Depression by selling Avon products along the country roads of southern Ontario and became the owner of two salons. She inspired to me to create and build my own business.

3. What impact does Dragonfly Dreaming have on women?

B:   I began formulating products over twenty years ago when I was pregnant. At that time, there were no natural options.  As a small-scale artisanal company owned by a single Mum, I feel proud to be making a difference and by giving people options in terms of what they choose to put on their bodies. 

4. What would you like young women to know about International Women’s Day?

B:   This is for my daughter Kate, her peers, for my three almost-teenage nieces and to all young girls. 

The struggles and challenges you will experience growing up in Canada in the 21st century - are NOTHING compared to the struggles that are being experienced every minute by your sisters all around the world.  Be conscious. Be grateful. Be compassionate but above all, BE. 


March 04, 2017


International Women's Day - Women Entrepreneurs in Healthy Beauty - Rachel Winard, founder of Soapwalla

 What does International Women’s Day mean to you

R: I've experienced a fair amount of sexism in my life. As someone who owns a 100% female-run + employed business, International Women's Day really hits home. International Women's Day can be traced back to 1908 as a movement to achieve full gender equality for women the world. 109 years later, we still haven't realized that goal. A gender pay gap persists across the globe and women are still not present in equal numbers in business or politics. Figures show that globally, women’s education, health and violence towards women is still worse than that of men.
In some ways, we need designated days of honor *now* more than ever.

What women have been an inspiration to you? 
R: So many women! My mom is such an inspiration to me. She's always told - and shown - me that women can do anything we set our minds to. She managed to hold a full-time job, support me in all my endeavours, nurture a lifelong relationship with my dad (they've been married 43 years and are still best friends), and work on her own passions/hobbies.

Also, my spouse Stacey is my daily inspiration. Nobody makes me laugh like she does. And nobody makes me feel as supported or loved. Every person should be so lucky to have a Stacey in their lives.

From a business perspective, Eileen Fisher is my role model. She built a thriving, global industry from scratch and hasn't deviated from her original principles of ethical sourcing, clean design, and quality vs quantity. 

The fictional character I most want to meet: Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. I ADORE HER (and Amy Poelher, too!).


What impact does Soapwalla have on women?

R: I created Soapwalla in part to put out in the world what I wanted to see -- a thriving business that is also community, that does good and empowers everyone. We do that through the products we create, the events we sponsor, and the charitable organizations that we support. I also do that daily with the way that I've structured the business. We are non-hierarchical, meaning that every woman who works at Soapwalla has an equal voice. I ensure that our decisions are in line with the company's ethos, but I love the collaborative effort of our team.

What would you like young women to know about International Women’s Day?

R: It's never too late or too early to make your voice heard! Sing out loud and proud. Know that your voice is unique to you, and that the world needs to hear it.





March 03, 2017


International Women's Day - Meet Kahina Founder, Katherine L'Heureux

International Women's Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the many achievements of women and acknowledge the challenges they continue to face in the quest for gender equality.

They say that behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back. We have been fortunate to become acquainted with many strong, confident, generous women visionaries who share our vision of uplifting and empowering women with healthy beauty. We would like to introduce you to a few of these women. Every day, until March 8th, we will feature a new visionary on our blog.


Today, we introduce Katherine L'Heureux, founder of Kahina Giving Beauty. We first met Katharine in 2012 when we launched Kahina at ORESTA. She spoke about the magic of argan oil: Morocco's 'liquid gold' and her creation of Kahina: a luxurious holistic line of organic argan oil skin care products.

Katharine is a dynamic and inspiring woman who exudes radiance and grace. Kahina's philanthropic philosophy is 'Women Helping Women Through Shared Beauty Rituals' and Katharine works with the Berber women of Morocco who extract the argan oil using techniques that have been passed down through generations. All of Kahina's products are produced from start to finish with consideration of cultural and environmental sustainability. Katharine visits the women's cooperatives in Morocco and donates a percentage of Kahina profits to support programs that improve the lives of these women whose signatures grace Kahina's packaging. 

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

K:   International Women’s Day has never felt more meaningful than it does this year.  As a US citizen who grew up in the 70s and 80s, I witnessed much change in the status of women and in our ability to make choices and accomplish things that an earlier generation would not have dreamed of.  I was fortunate to come of age and to enter the workforce when these rights were becoming norms.  As these rights that I have taken for granted become challenged under our new administration, I appreciate them as privileges worth fighting for.  My daughter is 23 years old. I want her to grow up with the same opportunities that I had, without fear of oppression, aggression or inequality, and with the confidence that anything is possible.

What woman has been an inspiration to you?

K:   I hold a great deal of respect for Meryl Streep at the moment.  Not only she is incredibly talented but she is using her spotlight as a platform to bravely speak out against injustice.

What impact does the Kahina brand have on women?

K:   A cornerstone of the Kahina brand is to provide economic opportunity to the Berber women of rural Morocco who do the work of cracking the nuts for the oil at the heart of our line.  We also donate a percentage of our revenue to contribute to programs that support them and their families.   We have seen a significant improvement in the lives of these women since I first began Kahina almost 9 years ago.  For one thing, in the village where I source my oil, the homes now have electricity and running water where there was none before.

I’ve been lucky to be an early founder in the green beauty movement.  I hope we have helped to elevate the conversation by raising awareness of the health importance of using clean ingredients, demonstrating that a green brand can be every bit as luxurious as its traditional counterpart, and that beauty goes deeper than simply using cosmetic products.

What would you like young women to know about International Women’s Day?

K:   Don’t take the rights you have for granted.  You have grown up in a time of unprecedented freedom.  These freedoms were hard won by many fearless women who came before you.  Continue the fight in their spirit for yourself.  Use the advantages you were born with to fight for women around the world.  

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