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"I can’t tell you how much I am loving my skin! The facial was transformational and the products you suggested are amazing! I will never use anything else on my skin. My hollow dark eye circles have all but disappeared! I can’t wait for you to see my skin and help me build upon my routine."        - Carole

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An ORESTA Holistic Facial goes beyond a typical treatment. It's a deeply transformative ritual.

Oresta works exclusively at our Glebe location. Book online for your facial in the Glebe.

To book a facial with Laryssa at our Hintonburg Skin Clinic, please call 613.680.0415.

The 90 minute experience is customized to your individual skin and holistic needs incorporating the highest quality skin care products and supportive modalities.

Enjoy advanced facial, neck, head and shoulder massage techniques, lymphatic and connective tissue massage, buccal  (intra oral) massage, kansa, facial reflexology, cryotherapy as well as gua sha to lift, sculpt and transform the skin to a healthy radiant GLOW.

Following the facial, we allow for additional time to discuss skin concerns, answer your skin care questions and create a home care routine to optimize your results between facial treatments.

To achieve optimal results, we ask for a commitment of a minimum of 6 facial treatments per year.

**For your safety and ours, we wear a face mask during your facial treatment.

What is buccal massage?

 It's a sculptural face lifting technique that involves intra-oral facial massage. Buccal massage targets facial muscles from the inside-out simultaneously to reach muscles that are unattainable with external massage alone.

This breaks up tension in the jaw, provide a natural contour of the mouth, jaw and cheek bones, improves blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, de-puffs the face, nourishes the tissues, improves overall muscle tone, helps relieve symptoms of TMJ. and offers a healthy glow.

Customer Reviews

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World class facial experience in Ottawa

After recent visit to Oresta SPA my skin is glowing and breathing. I could feel lightness as if mask was removed from it. This year I had two facial sessions in two different parts of the world: the USA and Switzerland. Both were very enjoyable and effective but the facial with Larissa in Westboro location of Oresta was equally good if not better. And by far less costly. The products she is using are organic, very high quality, very potent. The techniques including Buccal massage and others are the most effective and the best in the world. The parlour is chic, sparkly clean, set with immaculate taste. The personnel is professional and friendly. I highly recommend to visit Oresta if you are looking for world class experience and excellent result

fabulous facial!

I'm always pleasantly surprised at how great Oresta's facial makes my skin look and feel - from drab and dull - to radiant and glowing - the results are instant! the products are exceptional and Oresta's technique impeccable....and just a plug about lilfox products - which I used when i was away for 12 days - and my skin has never looked better - even ventured out without makeup or concealer! a must line of products!!! ❤️ 💕


Oresta's facials are not just a laying on of rich, nourishing products. You are seen and felt far beyond your skin. It helps you unmask your best self.


This facial left me skin very nourished and supple. Love the Laurel products!

Aniela Sklepowicz

One of my favorite things 💜✨ feels and looks amazing!