Fundamentals of Gua Sha

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Fundamentals of Gua Sha includes: 

  1. an ORESTA gua sha tool 
  2. a video tutorial training with Oresta and Laryssa to ensure that you understand and are able to correctly complete a Facial Gua Sha Routine.
  3. a laminated step-by-step illustrated instructional gua sha technique handout.

Gua Sha (gua - scraping, sha - toxins) is a technique that has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years that involves a gentle scraping-like motion along the skin with a gua sha tool. It addresses facial tension and adhesions, clears blockages, flushes stagnant waste and helps stimulate blood circulation to bring nutrients to the skin to reveal a vibrant, smooth, plump & firm complexion.

Which gua sha do I choose?

Rainbow Fluorite: a highly protective gemstone that boosts self-confidence, reduces stress, improves concentration and strengthens intuition. It encourages gratitude, transforms negative energy into positive energy, and blocks electromagnetic pollution.

Clear Crystal Quartzthe purest and most powerful crystal, known as the master healing stone. It calms, cleanses, detoxifies and balances energies in the body and skin. The powerful healing energy in the Clear Quartz stimulates the immune system and helps with memory and concentration.

Rainbow Obsidian: a grounding and protective stone that draws negative energy out of the body, alleviates fear, resentment and stress. It encourages gratification and optimism, provides support in grief, helps heal a broken heart and provides an abundance of love and happiness.

Mookaite Jaspera nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. It brings peace, a feeling of wholeness, increases self-confidence, self-worth and helps to realize one’s full potential. Mookaite helps with decision making, to encourage versatility and accept change.

Benefits of Gua Sha:

  • activate meridian points to promote healing
  • combat inflammation
  • stimulate lymphatic circulation
  • release facial tension
  • reduce fine lines
  • lift eyelids
  • tone and tighten neck
  • sculpt cheeks and jawline
  • reduce jowls
  • diminish blemishes and pigmentation.

    For optimum results, practice gua sha a minimum of 3x/week.


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