Collection: LILFOX

Created by aromatherapist and organic cosmetic formulator Alexis Rose, LILFOX skin care blends plant alchemy with organic botanical aromas and crystals.

Alexis sources high quality and ethically sourced organic and wildcrafted exotic virgin oils, unrefined butters, rare earth clays and high vibration hydrosols from around the world. In her studio in Miami, Florida, she hand blends them with exotic essential oils, crystals and vibrant plant energies in small batches to ensure purity, freshness and potency. 

LILFOX formulations are potent and effective yet gentle and contain concentrated phytonutrients. Each product is crafted with loving intentions in a high vibrational environment communicating the plant's unique energetics.

All LILFOX products are free of synthetic fragrances, butylene glycol, silicones, sodium sulfates, phthalates, gmos, petroleum, parabens, and harsh preservatives.