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LILFOX ACID GLOW Rapid Retexture Peel

LILFOX ACID GLOW Rapid Retexture Peel

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A creamy, electric raspberry jelly with a multi weight hyaluronic acid dose for deep hydration and an instant flush. Clinical-Strength but safe for at home beauty rituals.

This brilliant multi-acid formula reveals your most gorgeous glow in 5 minutes or less. The treatment’s distinct creamy-jelly texture offers ever so subtle granular polishing power from lotus and bamboo leaves. It's advanced resurfacing action removes dead skin to reveal a new, fresh, bouncy glow beneath.

Exotic botanicals of prickly pear, maracuja, aloe and moringa provide the nutrient rich moisture surge your skin is thirsting for. Niacinamide offers unparalleled brightening benefits. Magical malachite extract wards off negative energies while delivering a concentrated dose of antioxidant protection.

-GLYCOLIC ACID for wrinkle smoothing

-LACTIC ACID for brightening and hydrating 

-CITRIC ACID for evening skin tone

-TARTARIC ACID leaves skin glowing with another potent dose of antioxidant protection from fermented grapes

-SALICYLIC ACID for dissolving dead skin cells and buildup in pores

-HYALURONIC ACID multiple weights for hydration from within for the plump plump plump 

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Customer Reviews

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Acid Glow Transformed My Skin

Wow wow! I was first introduced to this product at the Hintonburg location by the manager Jenny, I was pretty apprehensive at first because I do have very sensitive skin but Jenny was so knowledgeable she really understood the ingredients in the products, which gained my trust and I made the purchase. My uneven, rough patchy skin is gone within a few days. My skin is now smooth, bright and feels hydrated. Worth the investment for sure! I will be back to buy more of these products soon. Thank you Jenny !