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LILFOX PINK Celestial Bath Soak

LILFOX PINK Celestial Bath Soak

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  • Luxurious Himalayan salt soak and skin softening treatment in one. 

  • Elevated and uplifting unique blend of yuzu, tonka bean, cedar and cypress aromatics.

  • Suitable for all skin types.

Take your bath to the next level.

Introducing LILFOX PINK Celestial Bath Soak: a unique blend of Himalayan salts and powdered coconut milk to hydrate and purify skin, with warm tonka bean, energizing yuzu, and cedar for an aromatic dreamy experience. Be uplifted and renewed with green cypress and rich vetiver base notes. 

Scent Profile: 

Top notes- Bright yuzu peel, sparkling pink grapefruit 

Heart notes- Powdered vanilla and tonka bean. 

Base notes-  Moroccan cedar, green cypress chords, aged vetiver and patchouli


Key Ingredients

Himalayan Salt Crystals: Contains over 84 trace minerals to soften and moisturize skin while soaking. Found naturally within the Himalayan mountains in ancient sea beds once covered by lava.

Coconut Milk: rich in antioxidant copper and essential fatty acids to deeply moisturize and protect skin barrier.

Yuzu citrus: In a Japanese tradition that dates back to the early 18th century, the whole fruits, usually wrapped in cheesecloth, are floated in a hot ceremonial bath to bring out their scent on the night of the winter solstice; this ritual bath is said to guard against colds, invigorate the skin, warm the body, and relax the mind.

Cypress Leaf: This tree's tall, slender trees epitome upward motion and centred energy. Still used as a ceremonial incense by the Tibetans today, these trees are long-lived and do not easily decay (thus the Latin name sempervirens – lives forever); this is perhaps the primary reason why the Greeks chose Cypress wood to sculpt statues of their immortal gods.

How to Use

Apply to damp skin after showering or bathing. This allows less product to be used as it glides over damp skin and helps to absorb more fully. Pro-Tip: Apply a light layer prior to showering or soaking in bath for a skin softening, gentle exfoliating treatment.

Size + Packaging

8.5 oz/ 250ml

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