Marseille's Remedy Traditional Thieves' Balm

Thieves Balm is a must for every family, especially during the winter months. It helps clear congested airways, colds, bruises and sore muscles. This affordable, effective, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral Balm is made with Thieves Oil using the traditional recipe.

In 1413, as the bubonic plague decimated France, four thieves were charged with robbing dead and dying plague victims – a crime punishable by burning alive. The judge offered the thieves leniency if they would share the secret that enabled them to be exposed to the plague without contracting it. The accused explained they were spice merchants and perfume makers, unemployed as a result of the closure of France’s sea ports. They devised a potent herbal infusion – professing this had protected them from infection. As promised, the judge did not burn the men alive, leniently; he hanged them. Soon after, plague doctors took to wearing masks stuffed the thieves’ blend. For hundreds of years and countless plagues since its formulation, the thieves’ blend has been present as the first line of defence for Undertakers, Plague Doctors and Grave Robbers alike.

Ingredients: Syzgium aromaticum (Clove essential oil, Sri Lanka), Citrus limon (lemon essential oil, Italy), Cinnamoomum verum (Cinnamon bark essential oil, Sri-Lanka), Eucalyptus polybractea (Blue Mallee Eucalyptus essential Oil, Australia), Rosimarinus officinalis (Rosemary essential oil, France.)