Winter Skin Care Tips

The Polar Vortex has brought harsh temperatures and chilling winds that are wreaking havoc on our skin. Central heating and radiators add to the moisture zapping resulting in dry, red, chapped skin. Our rule of thumb is that when you turn on your furnace, it’s time to switch up your skin care routine to hydrate, heal and protect your winter skin.

1. Avoid foaming facial cleansers as they strip oils from the skin. Skin should never feel squeaky clean after cleansing. Instead, opt for a oil, cream or gel cleanser and rinse with warm water as hot water dehydrates the skin.

Our favourites: Laurel Facial Cleanser, Province Apothecary Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover, Eminence Organic Coconut Cleanser, Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn

2. Switch to a richer winter moisturizer or balm. Cold temperatures and wind are dehydrating and especially difficult for sensitive skin. Whether you are enjoying outdoor winter activities, walking to work or experiencing the temperature fluctuations between the outdoors and indoors, choose a richer moisturizer or balm to hydrate, heal, calm and soothe your winter skin.

Our favourites: Laurel Transform Daily Balm, Eminence Linden Calendula Treatment Cream, Province Apothecary Facial Balm, Goe Oil
3. Add a facial oil serum: The ultimate winter skin-saver for every skin type is an antioxidant-rich facial oil serum. Massage three to four drops directly onto your skin (post hydrosol) or add the serum into your moisturizer and then massage into your skin.

Our favourites: Laurel Anti-inflammatory Serum, Province Apothecary Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum, Kahina Serum
4. Use a toner/hydrosol. Facial toners are a crucial part of skin care yet are often skipped. Hydrosols are made up of the aromatic waters that remain after steam-distilling plants into essential oils. They are gentle and therapeutic and improve skin texture, hydrate, balance, improve the skin's function as a barrier and enhance product absorption. Spray a hydrosol directly onto the face and massage your serum into the skin to allow for better penetration.

Our favourites: Wild Hill Nootka Rose Toner, Laurel Elixir for Dry Skin, Province Apothecary Toner, Kahina Toner, Rose Glow Mist
5. Protect your winter skin from the sun. Sun protection is not just for the summer months. The strength of UV rays doesn’t diminish during the winter months. Snow acts as a reflector and can bounce UV rays back at you, greatly increasing the chance of sunburn. Apply a broad spectrum SPF to the face, ears, hands and lips when outdoors and reapply every two hours.

Our favourites: Eminence Sun Defense Mineral SPF, Coola Cucumber Matte Finish SPF30 Cream
6. Exfoliate your skin weekly. Remove dull skin and enhance product penetration with a gentle weekly exfoliation. Do not limit your exfoliation to the face, dry brush your body daily with a natural-fibre brush to exfoliate, detoxify, stimulate circulation and reduces the need to over-apply body lotion.

Our favourites: Laurel Almond Grain Exfoliant, Brooklyn Herborium Sow Your Wild Oats, Merben Body Brush, ILIA Balmy Nights

7. Do not neglect your lips. Winter is hard on the lips. Heal dry, chapped winter, lips with a petroleum-free lip balm that contain shea butter and beeswax and exfoliate lips as needed.

Our favourites: ILIA Balmy Days, K'Pure Smooch Lip Balm, Wild Hill Vanilla Lip Balm, Province Apothecary Repairing and Conditioning Lip Balm, Eminence Organic Citrus Lip Balm
8. Add a hydrating masque to your skin care routine. Apply your cream masque at bath time or as your night cream. Wear it to bed and remove it in the morning to reveal a glowing, hydrated complexion.

Our favourites: Wild Hill Honey Myrrh Masque, Eminence Organic Strawberry Rhubarb Masque, Eminence Organic Citrus + Kale Potent C + E Masque, Kahina Antioxidant Masque
9. Keep your hair hydrated and frizz free. Treat your hair to a moisture masque while doing chores or soaking in the tub and apply a daily oil to your hair to keep flyaways at bay.

Our favourites: YAROK Feed Your Moisture Masque, YAROK Feed Your Youth Serum, RAHUA Omega 9 Hair Masque, Living Libations Honey Myrtle Deep Conditioning Masque, Kahina Argan Oil

10. Prepare healthy anti-oxidant rich meals. Protect and strengthen skin, nails, and hair in the winter months with meals rich in omega-3 fatty acids,Vitamin A, C, D, & E as well as zinc and selenium. Don't know what to make? Check out holistic nutritional blogs for meal inspiration:

Our favourites:

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