Imagine having a standing monthly facial appointment at ORESTA.
Show yourself some love and join our healthy skin revolution.
As a member of ORESTA's LOVE YOUR SKIN IN 2018*, in addition to            monthly facial treatments, we will offer you special Facial Club exclusive monthly promotions + healthy skin care tips.

We are invested in the health of your skin and helping you achieve a smooth, firm, radiant, youthful + glowing complexion.
    Book a skin care consultation today so that we can assess your skin and determine
which facial series would best suit your skin. 
     * membership to Love Your Skin in 2018 closes on January 15, 2018




Purchase 10 Signature Holistic Facials + receive 2 FREE Facials

($2000 with Oresta)

Imagine enjoying an ORESTA Signature Holistic Facial every month. Our Holistic Facial combines whole plants with ancient healing modalities to feed and transform the skin. We custom tailor each facial using only organic and sustainably harvested ingredients that will best suit your specific skin type and needs. The facial will include deep cleansing, exfoliating, hot towels that gently steam the skin, nourishing serums and masques. In addition we incorporate the use of crystals, kansa wands and gua sha to heal and restore your natural radiance and glow while healing the whole body, spirit and soul.


Purchase 6 Signature Holistic Facials and receive 1 FREE Facial
($1200 with Oresta)

If MONTHLY LOVE is too much for you, enjoy an ORESTA signature holistic facial every 6 to 8 weeks. 



Purchase 10 LAUREL Facials + receive 2 FREE Facials 

($2250 with Oresta)

Imagine enjoying a LAUREL Abundant Harvest Facial every month. This unique facial is inspired by our Earth's bounty. It offers a customized approach to your skin's needs with over 50 impeccably sourced vital, skin-loving organic, biodynamic whole plants thriving in abundance that have been expertly blended by Laurel into treatment masques and loose tea compresses. By maintaining the integrity of the fruits, leaves, petals and roots in their whole, raw state, they offer maximum efficacy and reveal noticeably more supple skin. The facial offers incredible efficacy for all skin type from severe acne to rosacea and collagen loss. The addition of face and neck lymphatic work + Gua Sha helps to support the health of the skin from inside out.



Purchase 10 Eminence Organic Facials + receive 2 FREE Facials

  ($1750 with Oresta)

Enjoy an EMINENCE ORGANIC Facial once a month for a year. We individually customize each monthly treatment to address your skin concerns and achieve the most optimum results. The facials include a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, treatment serum and masque and an eyebrow cleanup to firm, revitalize and strengthen your skin, resulting in a youthful vital glow. A signature massage of the face, decollete, arm and and legs are included. We cater to vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and those with other sensitivities.



Purchase 6 Teen Facials + Receive the 7th FREE


The Teen Facial is the perfect introduction to healthy skin care. It focuses on educating teens on how to care for teen skin. The facial is customized for those with minimal hormonal blemishes or severe acne. It will calm and reduce redness and irritation while flushing out impurities. The addition of LED therapy or high frequency will assist in healing breakouts. 




The Micro Current Facelift with Oresta is a series of 12 micro current treatments targeted to firm and tone the skin and decrease fine lines and wrinkles without invasive fillers, needles or surgery. This facial rejuvenation treatment works in harmony with the natural energy systems of the body using micro current (electrical stimulation) to re-educate facial muscles. It works deep into the skin’s surface to trigger the healing response in skin cells that have been injured resulting in a boost in collagen production and cellular repair and an overall healthy glow.

For optimum results, the series of 12 treatments involves two weekly treatments over a 6 week period. The first week and fourth week will incorporate an organic facial with the micro current treatment. You will also receive a home care kit to promote results.


-  Facials redeemable in the 2018 calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2018)

-  Facials are NOT transferrable

-  The entire package must be paid for at time of purchase

-  Prices do not include tax.  Taxes will be charged at time of purchase.


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