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Oresta's 5 Tips for Healthy Aging

We cannot stop or reverse aging! There is no such thing as anti-aging skin care, it just marketing jargon but skin care for radiant mature skin is a thing. These are my top tips to embrace healthy aging and a beautiful complexion that is naturally you!

1. Oil will become your skin's best friend. It won't cause clogged pores. Trust me..

2. Inflammation is the root of premature aging. Focus on reducing inflammation and strengthening your skin before introducing actives into your routine.

3. Proper hydration is key for healthy, plump skin. Be generous with your toner for optimum product absorption.

4. Retinols and their alternatives are magic for smoothing skin. Overuse will lead to thinner, more sensitive skin. For best results, use every 2-3 days.

5. Your hands are your best beauty tool. Get comfortable touching your face. Spend 10 minutes a day massaging your skin. It'll thank you!

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