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Empowered Aging REALFLUENCER: Meet Greg

Meet Greg, our next incredible REALFLUENCER.


13 years ago, she purchased a gift card for her friend’s birthday and then herself became a regular facial and skin care client. Greg was one of our first clients at ORESTA in Hintonburg. She is a great supporter of local businesses and will often pop by with words of support or just for a laugh. 

Greg is 71 and never hesitates to tell anyone her age. Recently retired, she leads a healthy lifestyle and has been practicing yoga for 45 years. She glows with exuberance, a great sense of humour and zest for life. 

“I can’t imagine Hintonburg without ORESTA - a wonderful part of our neighbourhood - great products, welcoming and knowledgeable, fun to visit!” 

What do you love about getting older? I don’t sweat the small stuff as much as I used to. I’m trying to be more accepting and understanding of others. Hopefully, at least some of the time, I’m less judgemental. I’m more relaxed with myself and others.


What don’t you like about getting older? My knees!


What is your evening skin care routine? Cleanser, hydrosol, serum and always but always a Laurel balm.


What is the one thing you do that has changed your skin? Using Laurel products.


What is your favourite skin care product? Laurel Recovery Balm. I can’t go anywhere without it!


What advice would you give to your younger self? Be kind to yourself, as you would to a good friend. Allow yourself time to find your calling, and appreciate that we all come into our own in our own time and our own way. 


What is your proudest moment? I loved much about my years working in adult education. It was a real joy seeing people succeed and improve their lives.


What is your philosophy on empowered aging? Keep moving! Laugh! Keep engaged and involved with all generations. Being kind and generous makes everyone feel good and energized. Family and friends are essential on this journey.


Finish this sentence “I feel most beautiful when…” I’m swimming across the lake at our beautiful wee cabin.


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