Laurel Whole Plant Organics

We have long been admirers of Laurel. The purity and integrity of her products is unparalleled. Whole plants are potent and nutrient-rich food for your skin. The purer and less altered plants are, the more powerful they are. Diluting them, refining them with chemicals or growing and producing their extracts in masses lessens their efficacy. That is why Laurel uses only raw, unrefined whole plant organic ingredients, sourced directly from farmers within a 100 mile radius of her studio in Sausalito, California. The whole plant (stem, leaf and flower) is ground and macerated in jojoba oil for up to three months and then pressed by hand to create made-to-order powerful, living, results-oriented skin care.

Laurel's passion for herbal medicine along with her genuine and generous spirit and commitment to creating quality nourishing healthy skin care is extraordinary. We spent time with Laurel and her team in her sunny studio kitchen filled with jars of plant-infused oils and herbs and observed the creation and packaging of a her spectacular products. We spent time training with Laurel and her team on the product line and facial protocol. We spoke with Laurel about her journey in creating the exquisite Laurel Whole Plant Organics skin care.

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