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Embracing Grey



Women are redefining beauty. Grey hair has become a fashionable trend and is now widely embraced and celebrated. What was once considered a sign of aging or something to hide is now seen as a symbol of celebration, self-expression, confidence, personal style and an act of liberation.

Post pandemic, I made the decision to embrace my grey hair. I wasn't trying to make a deliberate statement. For three decades, I had fun colouring, highlighting and low lighting my hair but when the grey hairs started to show, I became obsessed with constantly touching up my roots. After obsessing for many years, I decided that I didn't want to obsess about grey roots anymore.

I became a Mama at 40. My daughter didn't like the idea of my going grey. I respected her opinion until she was in grade 12, and I decided that it was time.

My colourist made it easy to transition. I wasn't prepared to watch my roots grow out. She highlighted my hair very light to match the colour of my grey roots as closely as possible. With regular toner applications to dull the yellow and regular cuts, the transition was easy. I'm finally all grey and love it!

The journey has been fascinating. I've discovered a boldness, an undeniable confidence and beauty embracing my grey hair. It represents a life lived, a story told, and a journey filled with wisdom and experience. It has been so liberating and empowering breaking free from the constraints of societal beauty standards and frankly, I think it adds a touch of elegance and softens and compliments my complexion.

I'm aware that people, particularly men, perceive me differently now. Their opinions hold no power over me. I simply don't care. When I observe a fellow silver sister - women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, I see nothing but extraordinary individuals embracing their age and finding their stride. They are reinventing themselves and stepping into their own unique identities. This is our time to shine!

Some people choose to colour their hair and others choose to embrace their grey hair and find it very liberating. Aging is an inherently beautiful part of living. Choose to celebrate your grey hair, fine lines, and wrinkles as a life well-lived and lessons learned. Embrace the beauty that accompanies the journey of aging and recognize the beauty that lies within you. 


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