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Simplify your Summer Routine

As we enter into the last weeks of summer, we are thinking of ways to take full advantage of the warm weather. Whether you are travelling, spending time at the cottage or just don't want to be spending too much time inside, these summer skin tips will help you simplify your routine and find more time soaking up what's left of summer. 

 1. Re-think your cleansing. While cleansing before bed is a must- you always want to remove the dirt, sunscreen or makeup of the day, the good news is that you can skip your morning cleanse most of the time. If you use an overnight mask or did a morning work out, cleansing afterwards is a good idea, otherwise just splash your face with water before the rest of your am routine. We also love easy cleansers that you can splash off with water. Milk or gel cleansers are great for this, but many oil cleansers are also water-soluble so no wash cloth needed. OUR FAVOURITES: Josh Rosebrook Essential Balm Cleanser, Blissoma Free Cleanser, Kahina Oil Cleanser

 2. Make masking easy. Masks are a great way to boost your skin care to achieve results. To achieve best results, we recommend masking at least 3x a week. It sounds like an extra step, but hear us out, it’s simpler than you think. Most cream-based masks can be worn as an overnight treatment instead of your moisturizer, so you can boost your skin care while you sleep. Gel or honey masks can’t be worn overnight, but our favourite time to do them is while we shower, as the gel texture stays put. Simply rinse off when you’re ready to step out of the shower and continue with the rest of your routine. OUR FAVOURITES: Eminence Eight Greens Masque, Laurel Honey Berry Mask, LILFOX Blue Legume

 3. Exfoliate less. In the summer, we want our skin to be strong and thick to better protect against the effects of the sun (along with adding sunscreen). Over-exfoliating, using more intense exfoliating products or retinols can thin the skin and make it susceptible to more sun damage. For the rest of the summer, take it easy on exfoliation and use a gentle exfoliator only 1x week. The fall is a great time to repair and resurface your skin and use more intense products. 

 4.  Consider multi-use products. Summer travelling, cottage weekends, or just wanting to spend as much time enjoying summer as much as possible, all mean we want to simplify our routines. 2-in-1 products help us accomplish that goal. Oil or cream serums can double as moisturizers (depending on how much moisture your skin needs), some oil formulas can also be used as a cleanser and don’t under estimate the power of honey (it can be a mask, cleanser or spot treatment!). OUR FAVOURITES: Eminence Marine Flower Peptide Concentrate, Laurel Sun Serum, Living Libations Best Skin Ever: Sea Buckthorn, Laurel Essential Lipids, Activist Manuka Honey Mask

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