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Empowered Aging REALFLUENCER: Meet Christina

Welcome to EMPOWERED AGING: Our Realfluencers series that feature real women in our ORESTA community that are shifting the narrative surrounding aging and living intentionally and boldly!

We'd like you to introduce you to Christina. Her warmth, captivating smile and bright eyes leave a lasting impression with everyone she meets. Also known as Christina in Colour, she is an award-winning multicultural marketing consultant and author of 'A Black Traveler’s Guide to Japanese Beauty'. Christina is also an incredible latin dancer.

1. What do you love about getting older?

As I get older, I love the clarity, maturity and wisdom that comes with time and experience.

2. What don't you like about getting older?

I don’t like how lifestyle choices more visibly affect our appearance and overall well-being. When I consume something that isn't good for me, I immediately feel the impact on my physical and emotional health. Maybe that’s a good thing
because the awareness pushes me to be more mindful of what I put into my body and mind.
I’m in my early forties and hello, perimenopause - it feels like a second puberty! Even though I look and feel younger, the hormonal changes took me by surprise. So I've had to educate myself to understand what was happening and update my wellness practices accordingly.
I recommend these books:
  • Dr. Lara Briden's Hormone Repair Manual
  • Jessie Inchauspe's Glucose Revolution and The Glucose Goddess Method

3. What is your evening skin care routine?
● Wash my face with Laurel Support CleanserWhen I wear heavier makeup, I pre-cleanse with an oil-based cleanser
● Hydrate and soothe my skin with Laurel Hydrating Elixir II
● Lock in moisture with Laurel Balance Serum
● Apply the Laurel Eye Serum to my eye contour

4. What advice would you give your younger self?
Start developing healthy habits early on. Find a way to balance healthy eating, regular exercise, lots of hydration, and getting enough sleep while embracing the spontaneity of youth. These practices can really set us up for the win as we age. I like to think of it as compounded interest for our health because health is truly our wealth.

5. What’s one thing you do that has changed your skin?
I've upgraded my skincare routine to keep my face and body well-moisturized. After showering, I no longer towel off—I moisturize while my skin is still damp. For maximum hydration, I use a body cream followed by a layer of body oil. The same goes for my face. In the past, I had very oily skin and would avoid moisturizers, which made things worse. Now, I use a hydrating elixir, serums, lotions or oils to lock in moisture. resulting in more balanced skin. I’m glowing instead of looking oily!

6. What is your favourite skin care product?
The Laurel Hydrating Elixir II has been revolutionary for me. It was the first purchase I made at ORESTA, and the transformation in my skin was immediately noticeable.

7. What is your philosophy on empowered ageing?
To be kinder to myself and others as I get older. I’m embracing the concept of ‘holistic gentleness’, and it makes me feel more empowered as I mature in age and wisdom. The book 'Your Body Believes Every Word You Say' by Barbara Hoberman Levine highlights the importance of gentle self-talk and consuming things that are kinder to our bodies and souls. Aging has made me realize that we, as individuals, are non-renewable resources—our time, energy, and lifespan are finite. Let's aim for gentleness.

8. I feel most beautiful when……
I’m dancing bachata with a great dance partner. The music is amazing, the body movements are sensual, and it's impossible not to smile and feel happy and beautiful. I like to call it "bachata bliss".

9. Tell us about your skin care journey with ORESTA.
I returned to Ottawa in 2020 following a transformative two-year experience in Japan. The humidity, water, and food differences in Japan, along with hormonal shifts took a serious toll on my skin and hair. My once radiant skin began to break out regularly, and the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, aka dark spots, were quite disheartening. Upon returning to Canada, I tried countless over-the-counter and prescription skincare products to little success (and a lot of skin inflammation and irritation).

When I walked into ORESTA, my discouragement quickly changed after Oresta introduced me to Laurel Whole Plant Organics, and guided me to the Hydrating Elixir II. Within a week, my skin improved significantly with less inflammation, a smoother texture, and noticeably fewer breakouts. From then on, I was hooked. Laurel makes up most of my skincare routine nowadays, and I’m happy to say my skin is back to its radiant, youthful glow. 
A recent experimentation with a renowned dermocosmetic brand caused my skin to flare up, reminding me why I'm so thankful to have found ORESTA and the effective clean beauty products they offer. I learned the hard (and painful pimple) way that straying from what works isn’t worth it. Now, I’m committed to using the ‘good stuff’, and won’t ever deviate again!

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