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How To Survive Underboob Sweat Season

It has been a scorching hot summer and the struggle is real!

Sweating is the basic biological function to help regulate body temperature and keep us cool when our body temperature is increasing. While perspiring is healthy and helps us stay cool, sweat accumulating under your breasts or other creases,  dripping down your cbody and soaking through clothes is unsightly, uncomfortable, causes odor and can result in skin irritation, itching or an infection.

Excessive moisture on the skin or in the creases of the skin without adequate airflow, can result in intertrigo: a rash or rawness of the skin that is caused by skin-on-skin chafing or skin-on-material rubbing. This chaffing or rubbing become worse when you sweat. Over time, you can develop tiny cuts/breaks in your skin which may develop into a bacterial, fungal, or yeast infection. 

What to do:

1. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes.

2. Wear bras, underwear and clothing made with breathable fabrics or moisture-wicking fabrics that can help pull sweat away from the skin.

3. Use a soap to clarify the skin while maintaining a healthy flora. Living Libations Clarifying Clay Soap is a gentle cleanser crafted with French green clay, pure plant botanicals and essential oils to draw out impurities in the hands, arm pits, and private parts. It stimulates the lymphatic system while soothing and strengthening delicate skin. It's suitable for the gentle cleansing of pits and privates and won't disrupt the microbiome causing dryness, irritation, and inflammation. 

If you're struggling with a yeast infections, this soap will help relieve itchiness and reduce fungal overgrowth.

4. Apply Satya Organics Easy Glide Eczema Stick as an anti-chaffing balm or to heal chaffing or skin irritation. 

5. Apply a sweat powder under your arms, breasts, bikini area, thighs and other skin creases to absorb sweat, control odour and prevent infection. Kaia's Sweat Powder does just that. It's a natural talc-free powder in an easy, mess-free,  retractable and refillable brush applicator. It contains Thessalite 6® Powder Technology, the sweat-absorbing hand chalk used by athletes, with magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, apple cider vinegar and rice starch to absorb sweat and wetness by creating a moisture absorbing barrier while fighting odour-causing bacteria. It's travel-friendly and portable for quick touchups. Removable washable applicator brush for easy clean up.

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