Spa Services

We are invested in the health of your skin and nourishing it to a heathy, radiant glow. Our facials are results-oriented treatments that are individually customized to your skin type. Our treatments feature organic, wild-crafted whole plants and exotic oils free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colours. Our unique massage will improve and smooth out fine lines, lift and firm your brows and cheekbones and nourish the skin for a healthy and radiant complexion.
We will help support the results of your treatment with a home care regime.

Organic Facial Treatments

ORESTA Holistic Facial
$150  ($200 with Oresta Korbutiak)

ORESTA Holistic Facial Treatment combines whole plants with ancient healing modalities to feed and transform the skin. We custom tailor each facial using only organic and sustainably harvested ingredients that will best suit your specific skin type and needs. The facial will include deep cleansing, exfoliating, hot towels that gently steam the skin, nourishing serums and masques. In addition we incorporate the use of crystals, kansa wands and gua sha to heal. We focus on restoring your natural radiance and glow while healing the whole body, spirit and soul.

ORESTA Eminence Organic facial
$125  ($175 with Oresta Korbutiak)

We individually customize each facial treatment to address your concerns with a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, treatment serum and masque and an eyebrow cleanup. A signature massage and lymphatic drainage of the face, decollate, arm and and legs will help to purify, sculpt, revitalize and strengthen the skin to a healthy glow. We cater to vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and those with other sensitivities. (80 min)

Laurel Holistic Facial
$175  ($225 with Oresta Korbutiak)

This truly unique treatment integrates the powerful energy of whole organic plants, gemstones and dry brushing to address the needs of your skin, mind, body & spirit.

Laurel WPO sources artisan farm-sourced whole plant ingredients with the highest possible organic, biodynamic, raw and unrefined standards offering the most powerful results for the skin using bio-available forms of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10 and increasing the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties by up to 40%. Hand-crafted in small batches to order with these potent ingredients to address skin health rather than just treat the symptoms.

A full body dry brushing is also incorporated into the treatment to assist in lymphatic flow, to boost circulation, exfoliate and encourage the movement of lymph and blood to help rid toxins. To further strengthen the potency of this holistic treatment, we incorporate individually selected healing and balancing gemstones to set the intention and direction for your mind and spirit. (90 min) 

Laurel Sun Damage Repair Facial

If given the proper nourishment and care, skin is capable of repairing itself. This unique, results-oriented Vitamin C treatment promotes skin regeneration on a cellular level to achieve brightness and radiance.  The treatment involves facial cleansing, a honey berry enzyme exfoliation, extraction, a sun damage repair serum and brightening masque, eyebrow clean-up and facial, arm, shoulder, décolleté + foot massage. (70 min)

ORESTA express facial

For those on the go, during your lunch hour or just before an night out. The customized facial includes a skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, masque and our signature facial massage for a radiant glow. (50 min)

ORESTA organic LED facial

Phototherapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment that uses specific light emitting diodes (LED) to penetrate below the skin’s surface and encourage new cell growth for healthier skin. Increase collagen production, lighten pigmentation, soothe redness and broken capillaries, diminish appearance of visible pores and help heal acne. This treatment is combined with our signature ORESTA organic facial for maximum results of radiant healthy skin. (95 min)

    As results are cumulative, we recommend six weekly phototherapy treatments followed by monthly maintenance with a phototherapy organic facial for maximum results.

    ORESTA organic teen facial

    The ideal first timer facial that focuses on educating teens on healthy skin care. Whether you struggle with severe acne or just the occasional pimple, this facial focuses on educating the teen on healthy skin care along with treating the skin.  

    The teen facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, extractions to detoxify the skin.  Non-invasive high frequency treatment is added to kill bacteria.  A customized masque will  calm and instantly reduce redness and irritation while flushing out impurities.  A great start to your teens healthy skin care regime. (45 min)

    ORESTA natural non-surgical facelift treatment

    A series of 12 micro-current treatments to firm and tone the skin and decrease fine lines and wrinkles without invasive fillers, needles or surgery. This holistic facial rejuvenation treatment works in harmony with the natural energy systems of the body using micro current (electrical stimulation) to re-educate facial muscles. It works deep into the skin’s surface to trigger the healing response in skin cells that have been injured resulting in a boost in collagen production and cellular repair and an overall healthy glow. The treatment includes an organic facial and a micro current treatment. (2 hr)

    For optimum results, the series of 12 micro current treatments involves two weekly over a 6 week period. The first week and fourth week will incorporate an organic facial with the micro current treatment. Individual monthly follow-up treatments $265.

    Facial Enhancement Treatments

    LED Phototherapy $60
    Package of 6  $300

    Phototherapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment that uses specific light emitting diodes (LED) to penetrate below the skin’s surface and encourage new cell growth for healthier skin. Increase collagen production, lighten pigmentation, soothe redness and broken capillaries, diminish appearance of visible pores and help heal acne. Add LED to your facial for $50.

      As results are cumulative, we recommend six weekly phototherapy treatments followed by monthly maintenance with a phototherapy organic facial for maximum results. 

      Puff, Puff & Away Eye Treatment

      Active organic ingredients relieve dark circles, fatigue, puffiness and sagging skin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, fight signs of aging, and deeply hydrate the eye area. Our treatment includes a gentle exfoliation, masque and treatment combined with a gentle massage to brighten and tighten eye area. Add an eye treatment to your facial for $30

      Kissable Lips

      Soft, hydrated, sexy lips can be yours. A nourishing treatment that with remove dryness, add natural peptides that will stimulate collagen production and fullness completed with deep hydration for soft, supple lips. Add a lip treatment to your facial for $30

      Eyebrow Shaping (includes waxing, tweezing and trimming)

      Eyebrow or Eyelash Tinting 

      Darken pale or grey brows or lashes for dramatic looking beautiful eyes with our all-natural dyes to keep your eyes safe. 

      Body Work

      Purifying Back Facial

      For those suffering with back acne or breakout, this purifying back facial helps heal this difficult to reach area. Suitable for both men and women, our back facial includes hot towel deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and gentle extraction, followed by high frequency therapy that will help kill bacteria, promote healing, soothe inflammation and heal acne scarring. Skin will then be treated with a healing masque and completed with a relaxing massage - leaving your back soft, clean and clean. (50 min)

      Relaxation Massage

      One of the most indulgent treatments you can have. Enjoy melting away tension and stress with massage as our custom seasonal blend of essential oils calms the body and mind.
      Receipts for insurance NOT available (60 min)

      Nirvana Scalp Treatment

      Savour the sensation and benefits of our custom blend of warm oil and essential oils massaged into you hair and scalp followed with a face, neck and shoulder massage. Hair is wrapped in a warm herbal infused towel to lock in the moisture and restore shine in your hair. Experience a taste of Nirvana. (45 min)

      Hand Treatments

      Citron Firming Manicure & Hand Treatment

      Enjoy a warm and soothing hand soak to detoxify and nourish the skin. Nails are filed and buffed into shape, cuticles nipped. The hand and forearm are exfoliated with a lemon sugar scrub leaving the skin smooth and ready for your hydrating and firming citron soufflé massage. Finishing with a nail colour of your choice. *french upgrade available* (60 min)

      Age Spot Manicure & Hand Treatment

      They say that you can tell ones age by their hands. Our Age Spot Hand Treatment is a corrective treatment for sun damaged, pigmented or aging hands. We use stone crop, a succulent plant, which gently lightens pigmentation while hydrating. The treatment includes nail work, exfoliation, a Licorice Root Skin Lightening Booster, massage and polish. Complete the treatment with LED Light Therapy to create an anti-aging effect on the skin by building collagen and elastin. *French upgrade available* (75 min)

      Foot Treatments

      Pacific Detox Pedicure

      Relax your feet in Pacific sea salts and organic seaweed from the outer coast of British Columbia. Eliminate daily toxins and infuse trace minerals into your skin with the therapeutic benefits of seaweed. Feet and lower legs are exfoliated and massaged with wild seaweeds and certified organic oils to promote good circulation, relieve irritated skin, soothe aching muscles and feet leaving you and your skin rehydrated and relaxed. Toenails are trimmed and filed, cuticles and callus removed, nails buffed an painted with your choice of eco-friendly polish. Walk out with feet that are smooth, invigorated and healed. (75 min)


      HOLISTIC FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is a relaxing foot treatment based on the theory that reflex points on the feet correspond with every part and system of the body. Applying a gentle massaging pressure to these reflex points brings balance to the corresponding body systems while encouraging deep relaxation. (60 min)

      Makeup Services

      All makeup lessons and applications incorporate our organic makeup lines:

      • Afterglow Cosmetics
      • Elate Cosmetics
      • Fitglow Beauty
      • Vapour Organic Beauty
      • ILIA Beauty
      • Eminence organic skin care

      Individual Makeup Application & Lesson

      A personalized makeup lesson to find colours that suit you best and teach you proper application techniques of all aspects of mineral makeup. (45 min)

      Individual Makeup Application

      A personalized makeup application - perfect for a prom or special event. (30 min)

      Bridal Makeup Consultation & Application
      2 visits $135

      Prior to your wedding day, we will offer a makeup consultation and trial application. Together we will do a colour consultation and offer tips to prepare your skin for your special day. On your wedding day, enjoy a relaxing makeup application without any makeup “surprises”. Receive a complimentary selected ORESTA lipkiss color for reapplication between kisses and cake!

      Group Makeup Parties available upon request

      Hair Removal

      Full leg (no bikini)

      Lower Leg

      Upper Leg

      Upper Leg and Bikini



      Half Arm Full Arm
      $35 $45

      Upper Lip, Chin, Neck or Cheek