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The Faces Behind the Brand: Sade Baron

Meet Sade Baron

Sade Baron is a women and Black-owned clean beauty business created by Sade and her daughter Rachel in Toronto. They have created a collection of high-quality and effective body care inspired by the skin and the body’s power to heal and correct itself. 


Meet Rachel Rachel Lambo loves creating products that matter. As CEO of Sade Baron, Rachel’s role is to bring her mother Sade’s vision— healthy skin for everybody— to life. With 14 years in Marketing and Design, Rachel is full of ideas, hands-on, and tuned in to what people want and need. 

Sade Baron’s clean aesthetic and authentic, approachable spirit comes to life via Rachel’s brand direction. Her inspirations stem from books, travel, food and baking, and her vibrant past homes in Toronto, New York and Vienna.

Meet Sade Sade, the eponymous Head Formulator and co-founder of Sade Baron, has a curiosity for plants and their healing effects. Since her youth, she has been interested in botanicals and their medicinal uses. 

Sade’s vision is for everyone to have healthy skin. She formulates each product without synthetic ingredients, using only proven botanicals and potent that are also gentle for even the most sensitive of skin. Her garden is full of wondrous flora, from lavender to calendula, peppermint to safflower. She’s always thinking about what people need and what the skin has been through—like sunlight, pollution, harsh cleansers or weather changes.

Sade Baron’s practical, comfortable ethos comes from Sade’s empathy. She’s always been listening. Throughout her 35-year career as a nurse and midwife, real stories form inspiration for simple, effective products that restore health and balance to the skin.

Mindful, Clean, Handmade Formulations

Sade Baron's line of body care is packed with vitamin-rich nutrients that are highly concentrated in all their soaps and moisturizers. Every product has an average of 15 to 25 botanicals, as well as skin-enriching vitamins, polyphenols, saturated fats, and more. 100% natural and clean, always.

Using only vegan ingredients, Sade Baron creates products that can address various skin types and issues, including dry, sensitive, normal, dehydrated, and oil-prone skin. 

Every product was created or packaged by either Sade or Rachel, with care, attention and devotion. Their product packaging is simple to focus on what's inside, not outside. Their packaging has been considered carefully and reduced wherever possible.

Our Sade Baron Favourites

Tai Body Oil - This body oil contains some of our favourite ingredients like Calendula, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Broccoli Seed Oil among others. It calms irritated skin, smooths and softens rough skin, helps to brighten pigmentation and retain hydration and moisture in the skin.

Moi Balm - A must have for every pocket and purse. This nourishing multi-use balm is the best lip balm and we also love it to soften cuticles, use on skin irritations. It's great for kids, too.


Velli Lotion - The entire team loves the beautiful Sandalwood scent of this lotion. We also love the lightweight formula that softens, firms and feeds the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamin C.

River Body Cleanser - River's light and fresh is so uplifting for your morning shower. Olive oil and Cacao butter make this Castille soap based cleanser incredibly moisturizing.

Baden Multi-Use Bar - This bar cleans and nourishes from head-to-toe! Replace your shampoo and conditioner (for finer, oily hair types), your body soap and shave cream. 

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