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Quench Your Thirsty Winter Skin

A toner is a skin saver that will quench your winter skin yet many of us believe that it's a step in our skin care routine that we can avoid. We consider a toner a "fluff" product that doesn't really do anything. Most of us remember drenching a cotton pad with toner that would make our skin burn and think that because it's tingling and burning, it's working. That was a harsh astringent, not a toner.

A toner is an essential part of your skin care routine that provides much needed hydration to your skin. Dehydration is moisture loss and all skin, even oily skin is dehydrated. The situation becomes worse in the cold winter months and when we turn on our indoor heat which leeches moisture from the air. Learn about the difference between hydration and moisture here

What is a toner?

Toner (aka hydrosols, elixirs, facial mists...) are hydrating, nutrient-rich waters that nourish and hydrate the skin. They are steam distilled from plant material (ideally organic whole plant materials) including flowers, roots, barks, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and resin that contain beneficial properties that address different skin types. 

What does a toner do?

Toners hydrate the skin. When skin is properly hydrated it functions better (less irritation and sensitivity), is plumper and allows other products like facial oils and moisturizers to penetrate better. The botanical ingredients in toners or hydrosols are gentle and therapeutic and can address various skin concerns. 

How do I choose a toner? 

The first ingredient in toners should not be water. This dilutes the potency of the product. Avoid toners with alcohol as a main ingredient as it is irritating and drying. Our collection of toners contain potent and nourishing ingredients like aloe, whole-plant hydrosols and other organic ingredients that help heal, nourish and balance the skin. 

Choose your toner based on your skin type. 

For sensitive skin, choose toners containing chamomile, lavender, calendula and fireweed.

We recommend: Laurel Elixir II, Laurel Lavender Hydrosol, Laurel Calendula Hydrosol, Blissoma Serene Tonique, Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

For mature, delicate or sun-damaged skin, choose toners with rose, frankincense, neroli and sandalwood.

We recommend: Laurel Elixir I, Laurel California Rose Hydrosol, LILFOX Bitter Orange Neroli Toning Mist, Laurel Frankincense Hydrosol 

For congested, acne-prone skin, choose toners containing rosemary, fireweed and clary sage. This skin type is usually inflamed and sensitive and would also benefit from toners for sensitive skin. 

TRY: Laurel Rosemary Hydrosol, Wild Hill Fireweed TonerJosh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

How do I use a toner?

After cleansing, spray the toner directly onto the skin (do not waste it spraying it onto a cotton pad).

Be generous and spray 6-8 times leaving skin wet but not dripping.

While skin is still wet, apply a facial oil, balm or your moisturizer and massage until it is fully penetrated.

If you feel like the oil or moisturizer is still not fully penetrated, spray toner a couple more times and continue to massage.

Get ready for plump, dewy skin. Happy toning!


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