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Why do women need girlfriends?

Who doesn't love to get together with their girlfriends for a catch-up, an evening of wine and laughter or a girls weekend getaway? Quality girlfriend time is priceless.  Our friendship with our girlfriends is different from our relationship with our spouse or life partner. Sometimes it takes another woman to intuitively recognize and understand what we need, what we need to hear or not hear. We can turn to our girlfriends for support and unbiased guidance as we navigate through relationships, pregnancy, parenting challenges, marital woes, heartbreak, illness, aging parents, the loss of a loved one... and the list goes on. 

So why do women need girlfriends? Here are our top 10 reasons:

1. Talking things through with your girlfriends is often the only therapy you need.

2. Girlfriends defend one another and have each others backs.

3. Girlfriends don't judge each other.

4. Girlfriends offer honest advice.

5. Girlfriends are loyal and their friendship and love is unconditional.

6. Girlfriends believe in you and see you in a way that you may not see yourself.

7. Girlfriends want the very best for you.

8. Girlfriends allow you to be vulnerable and show the real you.

9. Girlfriends make you feel good about yourself.

10. Girlfriends will celebrate you at your best yet love you at your worst.

In order to have strong friendships, you must also be a great friend. Invest in your friendships and nurture them. 

This past weekend, Laryssa and I enjoyed a social distance hike with girlfriends to savour the stunning fall colours of Gatineau Park. We are part of the 'Ladies Who Lush' weekly hiking club. Every weekend, we get together to hike a new trail. Spending time together nourishes ours souls. Spending time together outdoors makes it even better. 

Next weekend, in addition to hiking, we will meet up on Zoom for our End of Summer RADIANT Facial. Together, we will enjoy a rejuvenating beauty ritual to calm our minds while repairing and restoring our skin’s post summer natural radiant glow.

In these challenging times, carve out time in your busy schedule for movement, nature and connecting with your girlfriends to recharge your battery, clear your mind and uplift your spirit.

What do you like to do with your girlfriends? 


Our End of Summer RADIANT Facial is a perfect way to spend time with your girlfriends and practice self care at the same time.

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