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Lest we forget

On Remembrance Day, we gather near,
To honour those we hold so dear,
Their courage strong and sacrifice true,
For freedom's call, they marched on through.
In poppy fields and skies of gray,
We think of them and humbly pray,
The sun may set on distant lands,
But in our hearts, their memory stands.
A hallowed peace, their ultimate goal,
A light that shines inside our soul,
For soldiers past and present fight,
In shadows deep, they guard the night.
United now, tomorrow we strive,
For peace and love to keep alive,
Let valor's song forever play,
On Remembrance Day, we see the way.
                                     ~ Jenny
This poem was written by Jenny in honour of those who bravely serve on the frontlines and give everything for something greater than themselves. We honour those who fought and continue to fight to keep us safe.

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