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Strengthen Skin For Winter

 We love the fall season for its crispness, vibrant colours of red and gold, for pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters. Fall is a season of transition and for those with sensitive skin, the onset of cooler weather is challenging. As we welcome the crispness of fall, it's the ideal time to transition your skin into winter.  Taking proactive steps now to support and strengthen your skin so as to ensure that your skin enjoys a calm, resilient and radiant complexion throughout winter. 

Your skin will thank you.

A healthy barrier is key. Don't wait until your skin is in crisis; invest in your skin's health now. Brave winter's harsh winds, cold temperatures and the drying effects of indoor heating with a strong defense. A healthy skin barrier acts as your skin's natural shield, protecting it from external irritants and making it more resilient and ready for whatever winter brings.

Hydration, hydration, hydration! The mantra is simple: Skin doesn't function optimally when it's dehydrated and drinking water isn't enough. You must hydrate your skin topically to strengthen your barrier and avoid it becoming even more reactive and inflamed with the cold temps. This means investing in a hydrating serum and toner.

Minimize winter flareups. For many, winter means skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis tend to worsen. Don't let the cold weather trigger unwelcome flare-ups. Strengthen your skin to avoid or reduce the severity of winter flare-ups.

Transition your skin care. Fall requires transition your summer skin care routine. This is the time when we incorporate more exfoliation and richer skin care. Introduce new skincare products or routines now allow your skin to adapt without the risk of heightened sensitivity due to extreme weather. Fall temps are far more forgiving and offer a smoother transition for your skin than a sudden overhaul during the peak of winter.

Fall is a time for change and preparation. It's your opportunity to strengthen your sensitive skin, to hydrate, and create a resilient barrier. Embrace the season's gentle shift and invest in your skin's health to ensure it's supported for the months ahead.

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