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Kahina: Women Helping Women Through Beauty

Kahina Giving Beauty is a holistic skin care line centred around Argan Oil, that is native to Morocco and is harvested, crushed and extracted by the Berber women of Morocco. Kahina is the name of a Berber Queen and prophetess who symbolizes empowerment and is a heroine for Berber women. 

All of Kahina's products are produced from start to finish with consideration of cultural and environmental sustainability. The oil in every product is traceable from the tree to the finished product, ensuring the highest quality.

Kahina's philanthropic philosophy is 'Women Helping Women Through Shared Beauty Rituals'. Katharine, the brand's founder, works directly with the Berber women's cooperatives in Morocco. These women, who do the hard work of extracting the oil from the nut of the argan tree, are the artisan heroines behind the brand. Kahina donates a percentage of profits to support programs that improve the lives of these women whose signatures grace Kahina's packaging. 

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