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Post-Summer Corrective Facial with LED

Step out of summer and into fall with healthy, radiant skin! Repair any damage and aging from soaking in the summer sun with our anti-oxidant rich Post-Summer Corrective Facial.

This repair facial treatment removes dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of skin discolouration, fine lines and sun-damage. 
By identifying your skin concerns, we can customize a remedy to target your specific problem areas for remarkable results in minimal time.  The facial includes an LED treatment which uses specific light frequencies to improve skin function.

Benefits of LED include: minimizing the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles, restoring the skin’s natural collagen production, reducing melanin that causes brown spots, reducing the effects of sun-damaged skin, increasing circulation and moisture, reducing skin redness and sensitivity caused by eczema, clearing blemishes, minimizing pores and decreasing scarring.
  ($175 value) 
*valid September 1-30,2016

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