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HYDROSOLS - ORESTA's Tip for Glowing Skin

"What is a hydrosol and do I really need to use it? Won't it dry out my skin?" These are questions asked by clients who tend to be skeptical of the benefits of using a hydrosol and will skip this step in their beauty care regime. 

We all remember the days of harsh alcohol-based toners that stripped our skin, leaving it tingling and squeaky clean. We now know that stripping the skin of its healthy oils is counterproductive to maintaining the necessary protective barrier for healthy skin.  

Hydrosols nourish the skin. Hydrosols are the floral water created from the steam distillation of herbs and flowers when creating essential oils. They contain gentle yet potent active ingredients that complement the skin’s acidic pH. Many will argue that hydrosols are actually a less expensive way to benefit from the properties of expensive essential oils. 

Hydrosols offer not only an intoxicating scent but an array of properties according to their ingredients: 

  • Lavender: soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory
  • Frankincense: stimulates circulation, which is key to cell life and nourishment
  • Rose + Rose Geranium: calming, attract and hold moisture to the skin, diminish fine lines
  • Helichrysum + Calendula: heal damaged skin, anti-inflammatory, anti microbial
  • Sandalwood: nourishes mature, stressed skin
  • Neroli + Frankincense: stimulate skin regeneration

I recommend applying your hydrosol following cleansing. Never waste any hydrosol by spraying it onto a cotton pad. Instead, apply directly onto your face or into your hand and then press into the skin. Follow this with your facial moisturizer or an oil serum and massage it into the skin. Hydrosols are ideal when travelling to refresh and keep skin hydrated. I also recommend using a hydrosol to set your mineral makeup. 

Hydrosols are easily contaminated due to their water content. They should be in a dark glass jar, away from heat, light, and humidity. Their shelf life ranges from 6-12 months. Refrigerating your hydrosol will offer a longer shelf life and when chilled, it feels refreshing to the skin.

Laurel Hydrating Elixirs come in two formulations to provide you with essential moisture.

Hydrating Elixir I: Phytonutrient Replenish Hydrating Elixir II: Support + Recover


Hydrosols are a power food for your skin. They restore moisture to your skin, heal your skin and balance the pH of your skin while soothing your senses. Don't skip this essential step of your routine! Spray away and enjoy the results!

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