October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At ORESTA, we believe that no woman should ever compromise her health for beauty. We oppose pink washing and only support companies that manufacture healthy beauty products.

 Since 2012, our ORESTA Cancer Care Initiative has been supporting women undergoing cancer treatment with clean beauty.  Throughout the year, we are committed to pampering one woman every month undergoing cancer treatment with a complimentary ORESTA Holistic Facial.

Education is key to breast health. Learn more about breast health, breast cancer prevention and how to reduce the risk of breast cancer, by visiting the Canadian Cancer Society website.  They have developed a very helpful tool to create your own personalized breast health plan, including tips on nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices. They recommend that earth-friendly is often breast-friendly and that exposure to chemicals in our environment and everyday products that we use in our homes may increase our risk of breast cancer. 

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