Are you struggling with facial puffiness, tension, sagging skin or fine lines?

In Eastern Medicine, skin aging occurs as a result of the slowing down of blood circulation, referred to as life force, chi or prana.  As we age, the slowing of nutrient-rich blood and detoxifying lymph circulation slows down cell turnover, causing skin to become sluggish and age. Jade is a stone that has been cherished for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its healing properties and in aiding the body's lymphatic system to detoxify the body. 

Our dual-action Jade facial roller is an ideal home care tool to stimulate circulation and detoxification, reduce inflammation and puffiness, relax facial muscles, brighten, firm and smooth the skin. 

The dual roller offers two jade rollers - one smooth and the other spiked.

The spiked roller is often referred to as the holistic alternative to micro-needling. It offers a more intensive massage which breaks up tension, stimulates circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage which boosts the skin's natural detoxification and ridding itself of toxins in the skin. This results in a gentle toning, plumping and lifting effect, visible brightness and glow.

The smooth roller cools and calms the appearance of skin. It is ideal to use after the application of serum to help penetrate the product. 



After cleansing, spray toner onto your skin. Follow with 4 drops of oil serum. Massage gently into the skin and proceed with jade rolling. Using a gentle rolling pressure start at the base of the neck rolling up the sides of the neck to the chin. Roll horizontally from the middle of the face out into the hairline. Start at the jaw and continue up over both sides of the face. roll around the eyes with the smooth edge and roll up the forehead vertically. To complete, roll down the sides of the face, neck and drain int the lymph nodes (in the underarm). Sensitive skin should only use the studded edge once/week.



The jade roller can be wiped gently with a soft damp cloth and then dried with an soft cloth. Never wash or soak Jade with very hot water. Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners to wash the roller as it will erode the finish and polish.

During a Full Moon, cleanse your rollers and place in the moonlight to recharge your stone.

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