THE BIAN STONE GUA SHA - ORESTA clean beauty simplified


 Are you struggling with dark circles and puffy eyes, lines around the mouth, deep creases on the forehead, neck, cheeks or décollete?

Introducing the Bian Stone.


Our Bian Stone Gua Sha tool for the face sculpts the cheek, releases jaw tension, defines the jaw, smooths lines on the forehead, neck and décolleté.

Our Bian Stone Gua Sha Tool for the lip and eye reduces puffiness and dark circles, smooth the '11s' (frown lines), crow's feet and fine lines around the mouth.

The Bian Stone contains more than 40 trace elements and minerals. It is considered a protective stone. The friction against the skin causes the bian stone to produce negative ions which are known for their antioxidant and anti-aging effects on skin cells and DNA.  The Bian stone is composed of 96% compact calcite crystal.

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