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Our Ukrainian Easter family tradition

Every year, we gather to make pysanky. It's a beautiful Ukrainian folk art tradition where you decorate an egg with wax designs and dip it into various colours. You then remove the wax and a stunning pysanka is born. Each grandchid gifts one to their grandparents and then we take the remainder home to decorate our homes and place in our Easter baskets.

The pysanka possesses enormous power. The egg represents life while the ancient symbols used to decorate the pysanka also have symbolic meanings:

While there are many symbols used today, some of the traditional symbols: include birds representing fertility, circles representing protection and continuity, a cross representing Christ's crucifixion, a deer representing health and prosperity, horns representing wisdom, plants representing rebirth and nature, roosters representing good fortune, and trees for strength, creation and renewal.

The dye colours also have symbolic meanings:

White signified purity, birth, light and rejoicing. Yellow is the symbol of light and purity and the harvest. Orange is the symbol of endurance, strength, and ambition,. Green is the colour of fertility, health, hopefulness and spiritual awakening. Red represents the sun, the joy of life and love. Blue represents blue skies, good health, truth, and fidelity. Purple represents faith, trust, and patience. Brown is symbolic of Mother Earth and her bountiful gifts; earth, harvest, generosity. Black is a symbol of eternity and the darkest time before dawn. 

Easter is a celebration of family, renewal, hope and inspiration, which is what we need in these challenging times.

While we, like many of you won't be celebrating Easter together, we send you blessings. Happy Easter and and Христос Воскрес!

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