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Layering 101: How to properly use your products

Skin care doesn't have to be complicated, but it does includes more than 1 step. We get asked all the time which order you should use products and how to best layer them. We've created a simple guide to layer products for your day, night and weekly routines.


STEP 1: Cleanse or splash face with water in the am (no need to cleanse unless you've done a morning workout).

STEP 2: If using Vitamin C or another water-based serum, apply 2-3 drops or pumps and gently compress into the skin. Allow to dry before next step.

STEP 3: Generously spray toner (6-8x) directly on the skin. Don't use cotton pads to apply your toner. 

STEP 4: While skin is still damp, apply 3-4 drops of oil-based serums. Gently massage oil into skin until fully absorbed. 

STEP 5: Apply your moisturizer (cream or balm). Balms require a lot less product, about a pea size for the entire face, neck + chest. You need about a dime size of cream moisturizer for adequate moisture. Gently massage into skin until fully absorbed

STEP 6 (AM only): Apply your SPF. You will need a quarter size of sunscreen for adequate face, neck + chest protection. When outside, sunscreen must be reapplied every 2 hours or after swimming/sweating for continued protection.

Other steps and products

EXFOLIANT: Do between STEP 1 + 2, no more than twice a week. Follow the directions on the bottle for your specific exfoliant.

RETINOL/VITAMIN C: This will either be your STEP 2 or 3 depending on the consistency of your serum. To avoid sensitivity, use every 2-3 days. We recommend Vitamin C for day time and Retinol for night time routines.

MASKING: You cannot over-mask! We recommend masking at least 3x weekly for optimal results. If your mask is a gel or clay mask, do between STEP 2-3 (after exfoliant if you are doing this in the same routine). If your mask is a cream or balm, we recommend using it is an overnight treatment in place of your moisturizer (STEP 5).


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