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Oresta's Tips for Acne

My journey as an esthetician began with my personal battle against adult acne. I am very passionate about guiding those with acne-prone skin towards a clearer, calmer complexion, and the confidence that accompanies it. These are my top tips to dealing with acne:

  1. Avoid harsh products that strip or irritate the skin. Your skin should not feel tight, burning or tingly. Removing all the oil from your skin is not the answer to clearing acne.

  2. Stressing about your skin can worsen its condition. Remember that you are so much more than your looks!

  3. Treating acne can be complicated and often needs to be addressed holistically. Addressing diet, lifestyle or health conditions can help reduce and resolve acne along with the right skin care.

  4. Avoid squeezing your pimples. Learn when and how to do it properly or leave it alone. Picking or improper squeezing can damage pores and result in hard-to-get-rid-of scarring.

  5. Contrary to popular belief, oil is your friend. Incorporating the right oils, like jojoba, tamanu, black cumin seed, hemp seed oils help nourish the skin, treat acne and actually balance oil production.

  6. Treating acne can be complicated and it takes time. First, focus on calming redness, reducing inflammation and irritation. Then you can add more active products like retinol alternatives or Vitamin C.

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