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5 Tips For Healthy Hair + A Healthy Scalp

As teens, we use to wash our hair every day.  The only reason we wouldn't because you had slept in or it was a greasy-stay-at-home-not-leaving-the-house day.  On those greasy hair day,  our scalp would itch and we couldn’t wait to wash it for that squeaky clean feel.

Over the years, we have learned that as we wash our hair less frequently, the less greasy it becomes.  If you're still washing your hair daily, now that you're spending your days at home, it's a great time to train your hair to wash it less frequently. 

Hair care tips:

  1. If you wash your hair daily, start slowly by extending the days you don’t so it does not feel too drastic.  Start washing every second day for a week and then extend to every third day the next week.  You will see how quickly your hair adapts to not washing everyday.
  1. Ensure your shampoo does not contain any SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) which is a detergent that adds the bubbles and lather to your shampoo.  It feels like your hair is squeaky clean but it strips the oils from your hair and scalp and results in a dry itchy scalp as well as dry fragile hair.
  1. Avoid hair products with Panthenol, an ingredient that is added to thicken and add moisture to your hair.  This contributes to blocking hair follicles and you are unable to wash your hair properly or develop acne around your hairline.
  1. To treat dry hair and scalp, you can melt a small amount of coconut oil and massage into scalp and hair and leave for 10 minutes before washing out.  Coconut oil provides moisture and is antibacterial so that your scalp can heal from irritation as well as hydrate and balance oils.
  1. If your greasy hair or bangs needs a touch up, add some dry powder shampoo.

Our favourite hair care products for hair and scalp health are:

Rahua Classic Shampoo + Conditioner: for healthy hair, is colour-safe 

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo + Conditioner: for fine hair, adds body and bounce, is colour-safe (Laryssa's favourite)

Rahua Hydration Shampoo + Conditioner: to replenish dry, thirsty hair, is colour-safe (Oresta's favourite)

Rahua Color Full Shampoo + Conditioner: for colour maintenance, prevents brassiness in hair, for highlighted and gray haircolour-safe

Living Libations True Blue Spirulina Shampoo + Conditionerfor itchy, dry scalp

Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask: intensive conditioner for scalp + hair mask

Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo: loose powder to freshen up greasy hair and bangs and add volume to hair.

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