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Creating loving self care beauty rituals

We all know that February 14th is Valentine's Day but in addition to celebrating the love between two people, let's celebrate SELF LOVE, the most genuine and enduring love of all. ⁠

Be kind and gentle with yourself, embrace your imperfections, don't play the compare game, own your story and love yourself through the process. Feeling the love within you and being that love will present a whole world of wonderful possibilities.⁠

Self care is self love. Practicing self care is about loving all aspects of yourself, putting yourself first and not settling for less than you deserve because you understand and respect your own needs.

Practicing self care and self-love means extending the same respect and care you have for others to yourself. Self care is a daily practice. Work self care into your day by creating loving beauty ritual to increase your self-kindness and self-love.

Here are some of our favourite products for creating these rituals:

Laurel's Honey Rose Spice Mask

The Honey Rose Spice Mask is a limited edition mask created from an overabundance of roses from one of Laurel's farmers.

It features vibrant heirloom roses, raw Orange Blossom Honey, Tulsi as well as warming Vanilla, Nutmeg, and Clove to hydrate, exfoliate, brighten, and nourish the skin. Incorporate honey tapping to elevate the results.

Moroccan Beldi Bath Ritual

Experience a Moroccan hammam Bath Ritual at home.

KAHINA™ Moroccan Beldi Soap is a luxurious soap, rich in Vitamin E to repair, moisturize and soften skin. It boasts a naturally “olive-y” scent and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Use with the traditional Kessa Mitt for a complete Moroccan ritual to improve circulation, detoxify and exfoliate.

Camellia Glow Solid Face Oil

Luxurious face oils in a jar. It's a blend of camellia, hemp seed and marula oils in a solid face balm to rejuvenate, soften, smooth, deeply hydrate and repair the skin. Infused with Pink Tourmaline Gemstones, it encourages the mind and spirit to feel positive thoughts and boost a glow from not only the skin but from within. Although an oil, it penetrates into the skin leaving a radiant glow.

Hydrate and Lift Ritual

This luxurious 3 piece kit that includes Laurel's Limited Edition California Rose Elixir and Antioxidant Serum to nourish, hydrate and strengthen your skin in order to create a healthy, firm and radiant glow.

Our Bian Facial Gua Sha reduces puffiness, smooths fine lines, restores firmness and elasticity⁣ and promotes a bright, healthy glowing complexion.

California Rose Hydrosol

Rose is a beloved flower for all skin types but with its healing and anti-inflammatory properties it's especially ideal for sensitive skin. Rose hydrates, inhibits pigmentation, reduces puffiness and broken capillaries. The scent of rose is also known to reduce stress and anxiety. 


Nothing sets the mood like the flicker of candlelight so light a candle or fill your room with candles. Our natural soy candles from Lavender Tree Candle Co are paraffin free. We love to light them to evoke feelings of tranquility and reduce stress.

Self-love is a prerequisite for thriving in this world.

We are so grateful for you.

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