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Do I Need To Wax Year-Round?

Unless we are off on a sunny winter getaway, we often take a break from waxing during the winter months. The reality is that there is a hair growth cycle and we need to understand your cycle, for optimal waxing results.

The ideal time to wax hair is during the ANAGEN phase (the first and active phase of your hair growth cycle). By repeatedly removing hair from the follicle, you will eventually weaken the follicle.

If you wax during the TELOGEN phase (the final phase of hair growth), your waxing results won’t last as long, as new hairs are already developing underneath to replace the hair that is on its way. 

Reasons to continue waxing throughout the year:

1. Your hair grows at different rates. With a regular waxing routine, the hairs are conditioned to grow at the same time which maximizes the time required between waxing treatments.

2. As our skin is not exposed to external elements such as sun exposure or harsh chemicals like chlorine, post-waxing redness and sensitivity is minimized in the winter.

3. The more frequently you wax, the less painful it will become. 

4. With each wax, your root weakens and new growth becomes finer and thinner. When you consistently waxing, you will produce less hair. In some instances, the hair will actuallystop growing in the waxed area.

So, let's get started with regular hair removal appointments!

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