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Dare To Be Vulnerable

What makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful.
                                - Brene Brown

 These are shots from The Empowerment Self Love Photo Marathon hosted by the photographer duo Erin and Jamie of Hello Lovely. They hosted the photo shoot as a fundraiser in support of Dress For Success and in an empowered moment, I signed up, only to regret it as soon as I did. What possessed me to willingly sign up for a personal self-love photo session?

The fear was real. I am over 50 and carrying an extra 30 pounds of 15 year old baby weight. I tend to avoid photos and when I must be in a photo, I ensure that I am in between two people or in the back row. As soon as I booked the session, I went into panic mode. Maybe I could cancel? Maybe I could ask for a credit for a future shoot? Maybe I could re-gift it to someone? What would I wear? Did I need to wear sexy clothes? With every email response, Erin and Jamie warmly reassured me that it was going to be a positive, relaxing, safe and fun experience. I decided that since I hadn't shared with anyone that I had signed up, I would complete the shoot, file the photos and call it a day while supporting a worthwhile cause. 

On the day of the shoot, as instructed, I set out with a few of my favourite articles of clothing: a flannel shirt, a cotton shirt and cashmere sweater. I was dreading the shoot but felt welcome as soon as I arrived. The mood was fun and relaxed.  I enjoyed having my makeup done and off I went to face my fear.

My inner critic has always guided my life yet much to my surprise I was able to silence this critic and enjoyed the shoot. I was even more surprised, actually shocked, when I received my photos. Was that really me? I actually looked sexy, sultry and strong.  Why don't I see myself this way? Why have I never seen myself this way? Is this what others see?

The experience, while terrifying, was a huge revelation for me towards self-love and acceptance. Initially, I felt shy sharing these images but my vulnerability has allowed me to tap into my inner strength. As a result, I honour the progress that I am making in my journey of self-acceptance and in connecting with my deepest and truest self. I am discovering my beauty, my self worth, my sexiness and learning to celebrate it.

I feel confident that my feelings resonates with many women. If these resonate with you, I invite you to take the leap and join us for your DARE TO BE VULNERABLE Photo Session. Silence that inner critic and have some fun!

Photo Session


Date: Sunday, March 29, 2020
Cost: $400
Location: Downtown Ottawa
Requirement: Trust us to ensure you have a positive, fun experience

We are excited to partner with Hello Lovely to host a Dare To Be Vulnerable Photo Session. We invite you to book your personal photo session.

The photo shoot will take place at a comfortable, modern, downtown Ottawa space. You will enjoy refreshments while we do your makeup and then you will savour an exciting 45 minute private photo shoot.

We dare you to be vulnerable. We will be there with you to support you, to lovingly hold up the mirror so that you can see your magnificence and true beauty. Let yourself be seen. You are worthy. You are beautiful! 

50% of the session profits will be donated to Shelter Movers - a not for profit organization that provides moving and storage services at no cost to women and children fleeing domestic violence.

As spaces are very limited, please call 613 231 7022 to book your photo session.

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