Get friendly with your breasts! There is much confusion and fear about breasts. We equate them with nursing, pregnancy or cancer. We must begin nurturing our breasts. Breast massage is critical to breast health and should be a part of every women's self care. 

The underarm and chest area have a high concentration of lymph nodes. Lymph is a thin fluid that circulates throughout the body carrying waste materials. It passes through the lymph nodes which act as filters to remove bacteria, toxins and waste materials from your body. Stimulating these areas with dry brushing and massage promote detoxification and prevent blockages. 

When we wear a bra, lymph doesn't drain effectively from the breast. Dry brushing and breast massage drain the stagnant lymph fluid, stimulate fresh blood supply and reduce lymph build-up. Breast massage reduces hormonal breast tenderness and swelling and is an effective preventative care measure to notice any changes in the health of your breast. 

How to massage your breasts:

Although there is no wrong way to massage your breasts, here are three important tips to consider for optimum benefits:

1. When dry brushing, always use a natural bristle brush and on dry skin, before showering. Brush your breasts gently towards your armpit. 

2. Apply 1-2 drops of Breast Massage Oil, formulated with breast-friendly oils onto each hand and place your hands under the breasts. Massage inward and upward in a circular motion, slowly covering the entire chest. Use this time to become familiar with how your breasts feel.

3. Cup one hand just above your opposite breast (on the pectoral muscle) so that your fingertips fit into your armpit and your thumb on the front of your chest. With a light pressure, gently pump the area in a rhythmic pumping motion to stimulate lymphatic movement. Place your hand onto the top part of your breast and repeat this pumping action. Work your way around the outside, under, and then inner part of your breast, around the nipple, and back toward the armpit. This sequence will drain lymphatic fluid away from your breasts toward your armpits. As an alternately, you can repeat this lymph moving sequence with gentle fingertip circles, similar to a breast self-exam.

This massage can be done daily and remember to go bra-less as much as possible to help support proper lymphatic flow.

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