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5 Tips for Beating Eye Strain

Many of us spend most of our day staring at screens, whether it be our work computer, smartphone or television. All of this screen time results in our eyes feeling dry, fatigued and irritated = eye strain. 

To combat eye strain, we offer the Puff, Puff & Away  eye treatment which melts away eye tension, fatigue, puffiness and dark circles. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, while relaxing and hydrating the eye area. Our treatment includes a gentle exfoliation and eye masque as well as massage to de-puff, brighten and tighten the eye area. To book an appointment, please contact one of our locations.

Our five favourite daily habits to incorporate to combat eye strain are:

1. Be mindful of lighting:

Excessively bright light, whether it be from sunlight or harsh interior lighting is one of the leading causes of eye strain.

We suggest using drapes or blinds to reduce or eliminate strong outdoor light. If this isn't possible, try to position your computer so that windows are to the side, rather than in front or behind it.

Our indoor lighting is often too bright. It's best to avoid overhead fluorescent lighting and opt for floor lamps that provide softer, indirect light instead.

2. Adjust your computer display settings:

Modify your display settings to reduce eye strain. Increase the text size and lower screen brightness. Adjust the settings to find the right ones for you.

3. Take frequent breaks:

To reduce eye strain as well as face, neck and upper back tension, it's important to stand and stretch your arms, neck and shoulders for a few minutes every hour to reduce muscle fatigue and strain.

4. Blink more:

Blinking plays an important role in keeping our eyes moistened to avoid dryness and irritation. Studies show that most of us blink more infrequently when staring at screens, and this can quickly lead to eye discomfort. We should try to remind ourselves to blink more often (and more slowly) while working at a computer. 

5. Exercise your eyes:

Have you heard of the 20-20-20 rule? The idea is that we should be taking a break every 20 minutes to look at an object that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This helps to avoid focusing strain, which can happen when we stare at the same object or text for too long.





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