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3 Tips for Using Balms Without Feeling Greasy

It’s no secret we LOVE a good balm! These concentrated oil-based moisturizers are the best at providing optimal moisture and protection for the skin, without any need for emulsifiers or other ingredients, such as water or alcohol to create a creamy texture. 

You might be concerned that a balm is just too oily for you, or you won’t be able to wear make up over them. YOU CAN! We promise. Facial balms and oils are your friend, especially during the winter months when skin needs added protection and moisture.

Here are our 3 tips to using balms for glowing skin without feeling greasy:

  1. Use a toner. Everyone should be using a toner, even if they’re not using a balm. But if you are, you especially need a toner. Well-hydrated skin absorbs oil more efficiently. If your skin is dehydrated, some oil will penetrate the skin, but a lot of it will just sit on your skin- making it look greasy. Spray your toner 6-8 times onto a clean face and massage your balm into damp skin.
  2. A little goes a long way. When you are using a balm, you need way less than you would a cream moisturizer. We recommend using only a pea sized amount for your face and neck. If you accidentally use a little too much, add a couple more sprays of your toner to help it better absorb into your skin.
  3. Take your time. As with most products, you need to take time to massage balms into your skin. This helps the skin to absorb the product better, and will eliminate that greasy, shiny feeling. It also makes your skin care routine more of a ritual and helps increase lymphatic flow for healthy skin. Level up this practice, by using your gua sha or facial roller to massage oil into your skin.

If you’re a Balm Skeptic, try:

Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm- This protective and calming balm-cream hybrid is a great introduction to balms. Be sure to warm the product between your fingers before applying it to skin. 

Eminence Camellia Glow Solid Facial Oil- One of our most popular balms, this solid oil is lightweight and absorbs super quickly. The pink tourmaline leaves your skin positively glowing.

Laurel Day Balm- The lightest of Laurel’s balms, we love this balm for its sun protection oils that help defend skin against the effects of sun exposure- perfect if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

If your a Balm Believer, try:

Laurel Recovery Balm- This balm is a healer and protector. It is a favourite of acne sufferers and outdoor enthusiasts, alike. Tamanu, calendula and lavender soothe and calm the skin and protect it from the elements.

Laurel Night Balm- A rich balm formulated to repair and regenerate skin cells. Antioxidant-rich rose, seabuckthorn and pomegranate seed oil stimulate collagen, repair damage and strengthen the skin for a bright, firm complexion.

LILFOX Cupu-Cool Hyaluronic Treatment Balm- While not technically a daily moisturizer, we love this jelly-balm masque as an overnight hydrating treatment. With rich butters and oils, hyaluronic acid and peptides, this balm locks in hydration for smooth, bouncy skin. We recommend using 3x a week in place of your evening moisturizer. 

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