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Am I applying SPF correctly?


Many people believe applying SPF in the morning or before a beach day is adequately protecting them for the day. The reality is that reapplication of sun protection is crucial to ensure proper defense against harmful rays.

Very few of us actually apply enough SPF each and every day and while SPF in your skin care or makeup is beneficial, it can also provide a false sense of security. It will only provide protection for 2 hours.  While outdoors walking, cycling, driving, gardening, swimming etc... proper application and reapplication is key.

Our Tips For Proper SunProtection:

1. Apply enough sunscreen to protect your whole body. To get the protection labeled on your SPF product, you need to replicate the application they complete in the lab, which is 2 milligrams per square centimetre for the average person. This translates to 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon on face and neck combined and 1 teaspoon per arm and leg each, front and back. 

2. A higher SPF does not mean that you can spend longer in the sun. The difference of SPF protection between SPF15 and SPF50+ is marginal.

 SPF 15 blocks approx 93% of all UVB rays

 SPF 30 blocks approx 97% of all UVB rays

 SPF 50 blocks 98% (an almost complete UVB block)

3. Ensure your sunscreen is properly absorbed. Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before sun exposure and all forms of sunscreen need to be massaged into the skin, even spray and stick format sunscreens. 

4. Reapplication is key. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or after swimming or excessive sweating.This rule applies universally, even to sunscreens with high SPF numbers.

5. Don't forget your lips! They are susceptible to burns and require sun protection too. Generously apply and reapply a lip balm with SPF throughout the day.

Implementing these guidelines will help ensure you are protecting your skin against the sun's harmful effects and promote healthier skin. 

At ORESTA, we have curated a collection of safe, natural sun protection that you actually want to wear. Because we know how important application and reapplication are to protecting your skin, sunscreen needs to feel good to put on. When it feels like a hassle, is too sticky and leaves you feeling greasy or with a white cast it lessens the chance you will actually use it. This is what guides us to selecting the sunscreen we carry in our shop. 

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