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Blissoma Smooth A+ Correcting Serum

Blissoma Smooth A+ Correcting Serum

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  • Blissoma's best selling oil-free calming and clearing Niacinamide serum
  • Effectively calms inflammation that causes redness, acne, rosacea and skin sensitivities
  • Contains 4% Niacinimide to reduce breakouts, redness and even out pigmentation from acne scarring. 
  •  Formulated with 13 antioxidant-rich whole herbs designed to balance and clear the skin without irritation.
  • Use as a serum to clear and prevent breakouts or as a spot treatment on active blemishes.
  •  Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, acne-prone, hormonal and oily to dry skin types.

  • Vegan, gluten-free, organic, pregnancy-safe, cruelty-free

Indulge in the silky, weightless texture of Blissoma's Smooth A+ Correcting Serum, a luxurious treatment that pampers your skin with the ultimate care. Perfect for oily, acneic, clogged, inflamed and reactive skin, including rosacea, this serum is a true miracle-worker.

Crafted with a delicate blend of organic herbs such as coriander, goldenrod, fennel, olive leaf, and yarrow, this serum gently cleanses your pores, leaving you with a complexion that's smooth and clear. And that's not all - carrot and rose work together to improve the appearance of post-acne pigmentation, while fortifying reactive skin.

The star ingredient, Niacinamide at 4%, targets breakouts, dark marks, oiliness, uneven hydration levels, and even fine lines. Soothe your skin and indulge in the perfect balance of healing and hydration with Blissoma's Smooth A+ Correcting Serum.

Key Ingredients

4% Niacinamide: This amazing B Vitamin does incredible stuff for oily, acne prone skin. It's one of our favourite nutrients for improving oiliness and hydration levels in skin and is research proven to benefit the look of breakouts.

Goldenrod, yarrow, coriander and fennel: Pore-cleansing, toning herbs step out of folklore and onto your skin to show you improved clarity, evenness, and comfort.

Licorice and heather flowers: Licorice and Heather Flowers step in to hydrate and soothe so you can see improvements to the look of redness and inflammation. Licorice also benefits the look of dark marks.

Carrot-based antioxidant Beta-carotene: A natural, non-irritating alternative to retinol. Vitamin A is essential nutrient for healthy skin. Pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe.

Rose Otto essential oil: Penetrates clogged pores to work deep within skin and benefits the microbiome to effectively clear acne.

How to Use

Apply on face and neck after cleansing and toning to prevent blemishes or 2-3x a day as a spot treatment.

Size + Packaging

1.3 oz in white glass pump bottle.

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