Sensitive Skin - Elevated Set

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  • 5 piece piece skin care routine to soothe, calm, balance and strengthen sensitive skin
  • Each product is selected to address reactive skin, rosacea, acne, dehydration, loss of firmness, and even hyperpigmentation
  • cruelty free, gluten free, vegan

The Sensitive Skin elevated set is carefully curated to address all skin concerns related to sensitive and reactive skin. Along with the sets we have added products that offer additional soothing and protective benefits.


Contains Full-Sizes of:

- Laurel Essential Lipids Oil Cleanser

A 3-in-one cleanser, moisturizer and facial oil specifically designed for reactive skin. This whole plant blend of lipids mirrors our own skin barrier, and it is soothing and supremely supportive to all skin types. Essential lipids is customized for individuals who have allergies but not limited to those who are sensitive by being free of nut oils, reship seed oil, and essential oils. This formula is recommended for those with a damaged lipid barrier, skin in healing crisis, and for those in treatment for serious health conditions.

- Laurel Elixir II Toner

Elixir II delivers immediate relief to irritated, reactive, or inflamed skin. This hydrosol is mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant rich to calm skin while balancing the microflora to maintain a clear complexion. This elixir is suitable for all skin types but especially suited for those with acne or inflammation of any kind.

Unburden Serum

The unburden serum is a concentrated all in one serum, moisturizer and elemental defence oil designed to treat and relieve all symptoms related to inflammation which is the root cause of all other secondary skin symptoms. This serum encourages and supports all cellular functions including lymph flow enabling the healing process of even the connective tissue, skin is transformed to a state of tranquility. This serum is beneficial for all skin types especially those with visible inflammation.

- Blissoma Pure Moisturizer

Pure daily soothing moisturizer is the perfect for those with allergies, sensitivity, dryness, and reactivity. The formula is not heavy nor light but has the perfect balance of weight to protect dehydrated skin. The formula is free of scent, gluten ,nuts and even other common botanical allergens. Suitable for all skin types especially, sensitive, dry. reactive types.

- LILFOX Blue Legume Mask

 LILFOX Blue Legume Mask is a reparative treatment hat delivers exceptional hydration while reducing redness and irritation. it has a rich pudding like texture that envelopes skin leaving it smooth, plumped and deeply hydrated. Soothing scents of lime and basil leaf calm and uplift. Ideal for all skin types.


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