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Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Laurel Detox Mask

Laurel Detox Mask

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Laurel's Detox Mask effectively draws out impurities with clarifying clays, hydrates and nourishes with roots, and soothing with anti-inflammatory herbs and flowers resulting in clearer skin with smaller pores, reduced redness and breakouts.

French Green Clay is a powerful detoxifier for congested skin while Chamomile calms and soothes and Marshmallow hydrates the skin together balancing the skin through an effortless detox.

Apply the mask all over the face or , target specific areas of congestion or apply directly onto breakouts.  Passionflower and Lavender are cooling plants making the Detox Mask ideal for those with red, irritated, or swollen acne.


French Green Clay – draws out and detoxifies, instantly reduces the appearance of pores. As It can be too drying for some skin types, always keep the mask hydrated making this purifying treatment suitable for most skin types.

Lavender –  anti-inflammatory, calming, and cooling to the skin, balance oil production.

Passionflower – soothing, gently promotes detoxification and clarity, its astringent action is healing to skin irritations and redness.

Dulse Seaweed – Forget the ‘no seaweed for acne’ myth. This organically farmed nutritive Dulse helps to detoxify and nourish the skin.

Burdock + Dandelion – nutrient-rich roots are excellent food or prebiotics for our microbiome, high in B vitamins and saccharides,  hydrating and assist in detoxing by removing impurities.

Chamomile – cools and soothes reactive, red, inflamed, or acneic skin. It is a true skin game-changer ingredient, and is as powerful and strong as it is delicate and gentle. It is present as German and Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, as well as  artisan hand-harvested whole flowers.

Marshmallow – Marshmallow is a root to love. Its hydrating properties put hyaluronic acid to shame. It deeply hydrates, soothes, and visibly plumps the skin. It has an affinity for water friendly tissue like fascia, and can help with stagnation in those connective tissues.

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