Laurel Detox Mask: Purifying Relief

Deep clean + purify congested, acne-prone skin

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Laurel Detox Mask balances clarifying clay with hydrating roots and anti-inflammatory herbs, promoting clearer skin with minimized pores and reduced redness and breakouts. Ideal for red, irritated, inflamed acne, or any pore congestion.

French Green Clay deeply purges congested skin, removing pollutants, sebum, and debris. Burdock, Dandelion, and Marshmallow roots further detoxify, hydrate, and nourish the skin and microbiome. It's a nourishing prebiotic and lymph-supportive treatment.

Chamomile, Passionflower, Yarrow, and Helichrysum offer potent cooling relief to inflammation and irritation. Self Heal encourages topical and emotional healing for distressed skin. Rich in B vitamins, betaine, polysaccharides, azulene, and salicylic acid, beneficial for clearer skin and a healthy microbiome.

Apply 1 teaspoon or less of Detox Mask to mask bowl, and trickle a bit of water in with your fingertips to preferred consistency. Mix with a brush into a slightly runny paste and allow to steep like tea for a few minutes. Allowing the Mask to steep will cause it to thicken and will further activate ingredients. Once ready to apply, moisten face and hands. Apply gently to face and neck with fingertips or preferably a mask brush. Leave on for 10-30 minutes, then rinse. Keep mask hydrated to keep mask active and to prevent drying on the skin. The longer the mask is left on the more frequently it will need to be rehydrated to stay active. Re-hydrate it with a brush, fingertips, or a mister bottle of water. Detox Mask can be applied to the full face and neck, or used to target areas with the most congestion or even applied to isolated breakouts as a spot treatment. Use within 12 months of opening and by the recommended use-by date, which is found on the bottom of the jar. Store this product in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep contents of jar dry and free from moisture.

30ml/ 1oz


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