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Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Laurel Calendula Hydrosol

Much like an estate wine or a single garden tea, it is rare for a hydrosol to come from a single farm, and even rarer to be distilled on the same land by the same human hands who planted its seeds. These hydrosols are not byproducts of essential oil making; instead, they are distilled for the purpose of creating a whole hydrosol that encompasses the full expression of the plant, including the plant’s soul essence and energy. We consider these mists topical, aromatherapeutic, and energetic medicine.

Our organic Calendula Hydrosol is distilled by an artisan in the Pacific Northwest using copper stills. Calendula is one of the most skin-healing herbs that we are aware of in all of herbal medicine. It is the perfect match for those with highly sensitive skin, reactive skin, a damaged lipid barrier, rosacea symptoms, or elemental skin damage. Energetically, Calendula is joyful, warm, and inviting, and aromatically this herbal hydrosol smells of fresh cut grass or dried hay.

Laurel’s Tip: Healing Calendula Hydrosol can be used for everything from bug bites and eczema to rosacea symptoms.

 Size: 200 g / 100mL

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