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Love this shampoo

I love this shampoo so much. Great ingredients, lather well, super luxurious. I also love that it comes in refill Eco packaging.


Great to discover a product that is so compatible with my needs. Love the rich and smooth feel which goes deep and lasts all day!

Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream

Love the feel of this eye cream!! It’s so light and it really helps with de-puffing my eyes in the morning. I also just love the feel of how calming under my eyes it feels and hydrating. You can definitely feel and notice when you miss a morning of using the eye cream!


This toner is the perfect balance of hydrating and nourishing. I use it all the time, with or without makeup on. I honestly buy them in sets of two because I go through it so quickly and because I always keep one at home and one in my purse or work bag! Also is an amazing product when you are using the Josh Rosebrook face masks, and need a little hydration during the mask process - it just add that little extra boujeness to your mask ritual!

Herbal Infusion Oil

Love this face oil!! I use it as my base after my cleanser and toner, and it is perfect. It is not too heavy, which I was always very skeptical about especially when beginning to try oils on my face with having a combination skin type. After learning more about oils and how to balance them with your skin type (through Oresta and her amazing staff) I fell in love with this face oil! It’s so light, and it smells amazing! I feel like I’m getting a facial every time I use it!

Essential Balm Cleanse

This is my favourite cleanser! I love the way it smells, the gentle feel of it, and also how it leaves my face feeling rejuvenated and fresh. This cleanser is gentle so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight which I appreciate. I have tried a few cleansers but the Josh Rosebrook has definitely stolen my heart and I am now a die hard fan of it!

Vital Balm Cream

I was recommended this for where I live (Winnipeg), and it is one of my MUSTS in the fall/winter months. I love how nourishing it feels on my skin after I put my face oil on, especially because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy… honestly a must if you experience dryness in the winter. Since I started using it, I have felt a difference in my skin in the cooler months and it does not go unnoticed.

Best deodorant ever!!

I am having a hard time leaving this review because I know once I leave this review I will never be able to get this deodorant and will forever be waiting for it to come back in stock!! All I can say is I have tried every deodorant under the sun that is considered natural and toxin free, and this has been the best one! So much so that my partner who is a male steals my salt and stone deodorant because he loves the smell and also because it keeps him smelling fresh all day! Definitely a must buy!

Favorite lipgloss

I love it!! It blends well and taste good. Perfect gloss!!


I am amazed at the difference using the Hydrating Elixire makes. My skin is much more receptive to serums and oils and feels fresher and more flexible all day.

Love this cleanser

This oil cleanser is effective yet gentle. And the scent is almost the best part - I really look forward each day to using it so I can inhale that subtle yet fresh smell - that magically does not linger at all. Sometimes I use a cloth to wash off - most often I don’t. Just massage in, add water to emulsify a bit and then rinse off. Other serums and creams go on and sink in wonderfully afterward. I will not be without this product.

Tai Body Oil

I love the Sade Baron products, especially this oil!

I love it!

Have been using this for a few years and absolutely love it. Use it for chest congestion, sore muscles etc.

It didn’t work for me. It was too much oily. I’m breaking out!!!

Hi Zeinab,
I'm sorry to hear that the restorative serum is not working our for you. We would be happy to help you find something that is more suitable to your skin. Please reach out to us at

Laurel Day Balm
jennifer mcsporran
So far so good

I have been using this product along with the mist for a couple of weeks. I like the simplicity and simple ingredients of it and I find that it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day.

Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream

A nice light moisturizer that goes on beautifully and leaves my skin feeling soft. I have also sometimes applied a very thin layer under a heavier day-time foundation to help the foundation sit better on my skin.


Oresta's facials are not just a laying on of rich, nourishing products. You are seen and felt far beyond your skin. It helps you unmask your best self.

Favourite Serum

I've been using this serum for years now and love it! I especially love to use in the summer because it's so lightweight...toner, serum and tinted sun-block moisturizer and I'm ready to go! I always use it in my evening routine as well. It's perfect!

Loving This Product!

This is my first time using this toner and has quickly become one of my favourites! It does it all! Great product!

Best massage/dry skin cream

I use this as massage cream and for my dry hands in winter. It is very concentrated so only a small amount is needed with no perfumes and does not stain fabrics. Love this!

Great buy

Love the smell of this oil! I put it on after my evening shower and get in bed. Absorbs nicely and helps smooth out the skin

Laurel Unburden Serum
Krysia Pazdzior
A real find!

The Laurel Unburden Serum is sublime. I feel immediately rejuvenated, refreshed and my skin is more flexible and less dry. I will be going back to learn of other Laurel products soon.

Very nice product but prefer the Laurel for scent.

Thieves Balm
Amy Jenkins
Thieves Balm is great!

Another great recommendation from Oresta. I used it on my chest to relieve my stuffed up nose from allergies. The smell was so strong it cleared everything up. Then I used it on my sore big toe joint for my osteoarthritis. Then on my back after shovelling dirt all day. It worked wonders. Definitely recommend it.

Smells Great and Actually Works!

I've been wanting to give this brand a try for a while, so I'm glad you started carrying it! First, it smells really good. I wasn't sure what to expect and I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's very nice. I have sensitive under arms and I've had trouble with natural deodorants in the past - no issues here! I also tested it by playing a soccer game and it held up - hopefully it will still hold up when its +30. It is on the pricier side, but it beats trying all sorts of stuff that doesn't work. Two thumbs up!