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Very lightweight

Goes on smooth and feels like wearing nothing at all. I use under eminence mineral powder.

Great product

I really missed using this product between the time I ran out and was a le to buy another bottle. It really seems to help hydrate my skin and it certainly makes using a serum much easier to smooth on.

Moisturizing for all seasons

This has carried me though the harsh winters and provided moisture to all areas. I have purchased a second tube to keep in my swim bag for after pool skin rehydration. A small amount really does go a long way. It has a light scent, natural and not over powering. This will be a new staple for me. Thank-you

light weight and moisturizing

I have been using this product for awhile and it feels good on. Not heavy, yet moisturizing when layered, this was helpful throughout the seasons. Works good with my sensitive skin. Thank-you.

Feels good on your face

This is a new to me product and I have used it several times. You only need a small amount for good coverage. It is light weight and doesn't feel like you are wearing cement on your face like other foundations or tints. I have tried it applying it with both fingers or with my brush. Works good. Yes, I would recommend this product. It finishes your look with out looking too heavy or made up. Thank-you.

Laurel Day Balm
Cathy Christenson
Must have

With maturing and sensitive skin I need a moisturizing barrier to the elements. This balm is a must have!

Perfect for on-the-go or for reapplication!

I absolutely loveeeee this product. I know I always needed to reapply my sunscreen through the day but I couldn’t apply it over my makeup and slather it on all over again so now, I use this to reapply my sunscreen whether I’m home or out and about. It’s great over makeup and I love that I can just carry it in my purse.

LOVE! New Summer Staple!

I’m in love with this tinted sunscreen. I’ve tried lots of others and I always find that they slide off my face too easy but with this one, it actually stays one and gives me a nice healthy glow. Love love love!

love this product

This cleansing oil feels so beautiful on my skin....such a treat!

The Perfect Face Cream!

I use this cream (undiluted) as a night cream, but also as a day cream (diluted). I love its delicate, fresh scent, and I love how it makes my skin feel.

Effective wash for adult hormonal skin

Kahina FEZ Body Serum
Marnie Donovan
FEZ body serum by Kahina

wonderful light and nourishing plus it leaves a beautiful, earthy scent. Love it!

My fav face sunscreen

Does exactly what it's supposed to do! I've never burnt with it yet. I don't wear foundation underneath, it's more than enough coverage by itself. It blends well and doesn't look powdery. What I love most about it is that it's easy to re-apply - since it's a powder it doesn't ruin your makeup underneath like you would with a liquid sunscreen and obviously avoids any greasy feeling. As someone with fair skin and red-ish hair, this is a must for me in the summer! I really like the brush pump mechanism, but it can be a bit finicky. Sometimes it takes a bit of play to get the powder to come out.

Feels nice on skin

First time using this camellia glow oil. I would purchase again

We are so pleased that you like it!

Laurel Unburden Serum
Sandy Tunwell
Too heavy

I actually don’t like it, I find it heavy and it smells like cooking oil. It’s rare I don’t like a product that’s been recommended to me.

Sandy, thank you for your feedback.  Laurel Whole Plant Organics is handcrafted and uses the highest quality, artisan ingredients. The ratio of lipid oils in the Unburden Serum is quite different from other serums. It's one of their richer and more moisturizing serums. The oils in the Unburden Serum are all centered around their anti-inflammatory properties: soothing and calming, while still raw and unrefined. This serum provides unparalleled results for sensitive and reactive skin. That being said, we want you to love the products that you purchase from us so please reach out to us so that we may address your concerns. 

AS you will recall I phoned you and gave my feedback. Best regards....Terry

Best Lip Balm!

It is my go to! Goes on smoothly. Doesn’t feel artificial. Love it.

Thank you, we love this lip balm as well!

Wonderful liquid powder eye tint!

Super easy to apply! A great plus for someone like me who is long-sighted!! No more clouds of loose powder eye shadow darkening my cheeks! The eye tint remains in place and doesn't migrate or streak during the day!

A new favourite

I love the Eminence Bamboo serum and didn’t think i would ever find a serum I would love more - but this might be it! I can feel it working instantly, and it smells delicious.

the best skin care !!!

I am so happy that I invested so much time hunting down this lovely skin care line. I am so impressed with the quality and the results plus the eco friendly packaging.Thank you for what you have accomplished with this truly amazing result driven therapeutic skin care line!!

Diamancel Mini 2 Nail File
Jane Campbell
Must have nail file

I have wasted so much money on nail files over the years.
This is by far the best brand yet. I enjoy having the smaller one in my purse and a larger one in my home nail kit.

Jao Goe Body Oil
Jennifer Ong
Worth every penny! Love love love

I’ve discovered this oil few months ago and love it so much it’s become my body daily pampering. I used to use bio oil and argan oil which are good but Goe is richer and very easy to absorb. I notice how my skin glow after using it. It is also easy to take with me (light and good packaging) for vacation. I’m so glad Oresta carries this brand and I’m very happy with Oresta’s efficient service and delivery .

Chalky look

I tried the moisturizer with sunscreen during my recent holidays. I found it to be effective from protecting skin but left a white chalky pasty look and feel after applying. I would not purchase again.


I love this product! I have bought 3 bottles and I’m going to continue purchasing it. Thank you for the recommendation Oresta!

Fox Lake

I have used this when I shower.bought it specifically because it said the fireweed would help combat body acne. Which I gave across the shoulders and mid back. The benefits were immediate! Amazing.