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trying something different

For many years I have used another manufacturers products with excellent results, but I was never excited about all the wasteful packaging nor the fact that it was being imported (plane or shipping involved) from Europe. So I finally decided to act on my convictions and look for a less wasteful, lower carbon-footprint product and landed on Living Libations. This cleansing oil is great for my mature, dry skin. Only a few small drops on my face, I do (not sure if this is necessary) use a warm wash cloth after I've rubbed it in, to cleanse my face. And partnered with the Rose Glow Serum, my face is feeling as good, if not possibly better, than ever.


The living libations eye cream is just the right amount of moisturizer for me. It's easy to apply as well.

happily surprised!

I have used another manufacturers products for all my face-care needs, but was unhappy with the over-done packaging and the fact it was imported from overseas. So I decided to try something else, and chose Living Libations Rose Glow Serum. I've only been using it for a few weeks, but am impressed at how 3 small drops twice a day is all that my dry, mature skin needs - and loves!!

Eminence Linden Calendula Treatment Cream
Louise Lettstrom-Hannant
colder weather support

excellent and perfect going into colder weather in fall and winter

Amazing product

I was originally given a sample size and loved it. I was having issues with extremely dry, cracked lips and this is the only thing that worked and actually helped not only make them feel better but healed my lips. I bought the jar of it and I am starting to use it on other areas of the face. Great product.

The Best!

This is the best! It’s moisturizing and preps the skin perfectly. It is also perfect to spray over makeup or whenever you feel like you need a little moisture throughout the day. Nothing beats it (I’ve tried).

Stone Crop Face Cream

Rich cream which is great for my sensitive and dry skin at this time of year heading into the winter!

Oldie but a goodie

Tried and true mask formula that I’ve loved for years. When it’s that time of the month and I’m breaking out I’ll leave this mask on to soak in overnight and rinse off the excess in the AM. So gentle, yet so effective at reducing redness and eliminating pimples. It has a cooling sensation on the skin for me that I absolutely adore. I hope this formula stays around forever because I’m completely in love with it.

Best gel moisturizer

I have extremely sensitive skin and absolutely hate when my day time moisturizer is thick. This gel consistency glides on the skin and absorbs so well and so quick while leaving your skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. It’s absolutely my go to day time moisturizer.

Vital Balm Cream

I use Josh Rosebrook's Vital Balm Cream as we move into the fall and winter months. I love how rich and nourishing it is and how it maintains my skin's moisture through the cooler fall and dry winter months. I find the scent very calming and I find the balm absorbs quickly and leaves my skin with a lovely dewy glow.

Amazing product!! I have seen results in the texture of my skin. I highly recommend it as part of a daily routine.

Laurel Unburden Serum
Milena Bembic

I think there is a product defect. After a few days of my purchase, the product was smelling extremely rancid. I am not using it and do not plan on purchasing it again.

Jao Goe Body Oil
Laura Murray
Goe oil

The absolute best body oil I've ever had and I don't go anywhere without it! Thank

Just bought my second bottle

Love this - great results. I'm also using the cleanser and serum. First time using Laurel, and I am now a believer!

I have found this a satisfactory daytime cream for my aged skin Thank you

Best serum!

I have sensitive, dry skin and have been looking to introduce vitamin C into my skin regime for some time now and this has been the best serum. My skin has never looked better. So thankful for the staff who helped me with this. This will be a staple in my skin regime forever now.

I love all these products and have used them for quite a while. As always shopping there is a delight with friendly and knowledgeable staff


LOVE the Eminence Camillia Glow!

I was concerned that this would be too oily for my skin, but it gives it glow like I have never had before. It makes my skin so soft and helps my skin appear younger than with other creams.
Truly love this product and would recommend (especially for over 50's!).

Great facial sunscreen

I have tried a few face sunscreens, including others from Eminence, and so far this one is my favourite. Very lightweight, it does go on white but it blends quickly, you don’t need a lot. Also smells great!

My favourite serum

I absolutely love this serum. Not only does it smell wonderful, but it feels amazing as soon as you apply it. I try to alternate with other products but always come back to this one.

The best cleanser I have ever used

This cleanser, in combination with Oresta’s skin care teachings, has transformed my skin. I no longer have those grey skin days. I give it a 5 star.


As promised, hydrates my dehydrated skin and makes it more receptive to absorb moisturizing oil. My friend, who gave me the gift certificate to buy it, saw me 1 day after 1st use and said "You're GLOWING!" :)

Love this mask

Gives a enriched and calm feeling to my skin. Whenever I find my skin subjected to harsh conditions - heat or cold- masqueing is very restorative.

Ilia lip conditioner

w o w. after losing hope for my cracked, chapped & bleeding lips, i saw the reviews on this product & decided not to fret over the price & wow. not only did it work after 1-2 weeks, it has lasted me over 7 months.. a little goes a long way. i will not be caught dead w/out this!!!!!

Love the product!

I enjoy a nice exfoliant every week and this product strikes a balance between feeling cleansed and leaving my skin soft (not too rough as a product). I’ll definitely purchase again.

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