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Great Cleanser

Fresh, clean amazing skin. The best

Does not absorb as well as I would like

I really wanted to love the cream. A daily moisturize & sunscreen combo seemed like a great idea. However the cream does not absorb as well as I would like despite doing my best to work it into my face. I have darker skin so I end up looking very pale. The cream can also streak. Lastly, I don't find it as moisturizing as other eminence cream and find my face feeling dry by end of day. If you have a lighter skin tone it might not be as much of an issue though. I will use it to avoid being wasteful but will not buy it again.


I’m I was very disappointed in the Coola lip balms. The lip balm was quite dry and impossible to apply to my lips. After a few tries, sadly I had to throw out the 2 lip balms.

Good hydrator.

Along with using this product as part of my daily routine, I use the moisturizer after my pool workouts to keep my skin hydrated until my nightly routine. Significantly relieves the tightness resulting from the chlorinated water of the pool.

Works as advertised!

Oil advertised for dry, sensitive, acne prone skin works great! I was used to drying out my skin to reduce acne reactions. After using this cleanser, I am amazed to see soft hydrated skin without a flourish of acne related issues. I now have less oil on my skin in the morning compared to before when using minimum moisturizers. It feels strange to have soft supple looking skin again. I would recommend this product.


This Facial left me feeling an immense amount of love! The products were so nutricious and my skin felt and looked so much more youthful and glowy. Larissa did such a wonderful job! Such a special experience. Love the blue face mask she used, I bought a container and use it at home. Love the laurel product used as well

Selena Arvai

This box is like a little spa everyday. The scents are just fabulous and the products keep hydration levels up!

Acid Glow Transformed My Skin

Wow wow! I was first introduced to this product at the Hintonburg location by the manager Jenny, I was pretty apprehensive at first because I do have very sensitive skin but Jenny was so knowledgeable she really understood the ingredients in the products, which gained my trust and I made the purchase. My uneven, rough patchy skin is gone within a few days. My skin is now smooth, bright and feels hydrated. Worth the investment for sure! I will be back to buy more of these products soon. Thank you Jenny !

Very moisturizing

I really like this face cream. I've been using it for years now and it keeps my skin looking great. I use to have irritation on my cheeks and my skin felt tight after cleaning... Since using Lift, my skin no longer feels tight or thirsty. I especially appreciate it in winter, but it's not too heavy for summer... It sinks in very well. I use it in the morning (and use Peace from Blissoma in the evening). Highly recommended.

Only eye serum I use

I've been using this eye serum from Blissoma for more than a decade now and I still love it as much as when I used it the first time. The best feature is that it's non-greasy, which is great when you wear glasses (no smudge). I use it every morning (and so does my partner!). It's very light and yet it has kept my eyes free of wrinkles all these year. I highly recommend it.

Facial mask bowl
Kimberly Stewart
Beautiful Mask Bowl

Applying a facial mask is elevated to a ritual when prepared in this beautiful bowl. It's the perfect size and shape. The experience is complemented by applying with Laurel's mask brush.

Thank you so much for your review, Kimberly! We are so glad you are enjoying your new facial bowl and brush.


This box is full of little gems that just want to make your skin so happy - every single one is great! It's a great collection to get you started with the magic that is LilFox. The sizes are quite small, so you do run out quickly, particularly the mist.

Thank you so much for your review, Selena! We absolutely love the Greatest Hits Set, too!


I use this ALL THE TIME! Any time of the day, every after I wash my skin or even with make up on! The scent is so relaxing and my skin loves drinking this up ❤️

Just what I need!

I have been looking for a gentle wash for my combination skin. Didn’t feel any stripping feeling and my skin feels so soft every wash. I always use a warm washcloth with it!

Cupu-Cool Jelly Balm

My skin was feeling particularly dry from the winter - cold outside, warm inside = dry skin. Oresta recommended this to me and I apply it at night and leave it on while sleeping. My skin feels hydrated when I wake up the next day. You don't need to use very much for the product to get good coverage. I highly recommend!

Thank you for your review, Amy. We are so glad to hear you are loving the LILFOX Cupu Cool as much as we do!

Great Lift and Volume

I love this product. Thank you Oresta for the recommendation!


This balm feels fantastic on my face. I had terrible red, dry patches from the cold dry weather. After just a few applications, my skin is soothed and it looks great!

Broke out

I have other Hynt products (eyebrow definer and matte blush) and love this company and these two products.
This is why I decided to buy the Duet perfecting concealer. Unfortunately I broke out under my eyes when I used it to cover my dark circles. I got bumps and flakiness’s and dryness. I had to discontinue using it. The jar is brand new, and used just a couple of times. I’m hoping I can get a refund. Either way I like this clean beauty brand, something in this concealers didn’t work for me sadly :(

Go to winter moisturizer

This is my go to winter moisturizer. The thickness of the product allows me to thin it out with water or layer it on a bit thicker if I’m feeling a bit dehydrated.

Kahina Argan Oil
Sara Mahoney
Essential part of my skin care routine

I really enjoy mixing some argan oil into my moisturizer, or put a couple drops directly onto my face before applying my moisturizer. I notice a huge difference in my skin when I run out of this product and wait too long to replenish it. I was always hesitant to use oil on my face as someone who has “greasy” skin as a teen. There is no grease feeling here - just smooth moisture. I adore this Kahina product.

Laurel Recovery Balm
Sara Mahoney
Favourite winter product

This is my favourite winter time product. I spend a lot of time outdoors and this balm gives me a barrier against the wind and cold on Ottawa winter days. I also use it on my kiddo’s cheeks before we venture outside.

Jao Goe Body Oil
Carla Wolff
Excellent multipurpose product

I love this oil. I use it to add curl to my hair and keep my skin moisturized. I also will swish some onto my husband’s handsome face if he walks by while I’m in preening mode.

Amazing product

I have found this honey to be the most effective and healing honey on the market. I was putting off purchasing for a long time because of the price but never again! It is worth the investment. It has the perfect consistency for use in homemade cough syrups, spot treatments and face masks. It does not crystallize like a lot of other high grade honeys do which tends to make it too thick. I did my research and was happy to know that the the Methylglyoxal (MGO) Certification is scientific, precise, and transparent — it leaves no room for misleading. I LOVE this product.

Gorgeous Skin

This my favourite product ever. Skin is left glowy, dewy and hydrated. Absorbs beautifully as well.

A touch of heat

I love the smell of this one, and that it tingles and heats up a little. You can feel it working, and you have a lovely glow afterwards. It's a little sticky to get on (though that doesn't bother me).