"You should teach others about excellent customer service because you have mastered it!"     Paula

You are stellar at what you do and you are the reason I continue to shop at ORESTA, of course the product line is awesome too! You should teach others about excellent customer service because you have mastered it!

"Definitely the best facial in Ottawa!"     Sharon                                                                     

 At ORESTA, I always get a total workout during every facial! You can feel the passion and caring warmth of the estheticians as they massage your face, scalp and shoulders. I am always confident that at ORESTA only 100% clean products that have been personally tested and approved are used and sold at the store. Definitely the best facial in Ottawa! 

"My skin has never looked better."     Tannis

I developed adult acne later in life and tried several methods of ‘acne management’ from medication to AHA treatments. None of these worked and only made the situation worse. My skin had become extremely sensitive and was peeling from dryness. I then happily stumbled upon ORESTA. I have been a client for over 8 years now and my skin has never looked better. Within the first year of regular treatments and a prescribed home care regimen, my sensitive, peeling skin was all but gone. With her extensive knowledge about skin and the care it requires and the natural and organic products she uses, my skin finally calmed down and started acting it's age. The services and products at ORESTA are like comfort food for the skin.

"The facial nurtures my skin and my spirit."     Kathie

I consider ORESTA part of my self-care package. The facial nurtures my skin and my spirit. I love that she uses organic skin care products that feel and smell wonderful. Taking care of ourselves is so important; I love that Oresta understands that and wants to educate and pamper us at the same time.     

"I began receiving compliments on my skin with everyone thinking I'm younger than I am!"     Angela      

I visited ORESTA in an effort to wean myself off a well known line of skin care sold on TV. Even though it worked well, I was worried about what effect it was having on me considering it was bleaching my towels! I wanted an organic, chemical-free skin care line that was affordable. The line of products used during the facials worked wonders. I have sensitive skin, have been diagnosed with rosacea and have reacted to many products in the past. Within months of using their products and regular facials, I began receiving compliments on my skin with everyone thinking I'm younger than I am! ORESTA is worth every penny.