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What's A Toner + What Does It Do?

Many of us have no idea what a toner really does so we skip this step, between cleansing and moisturizing.  For many of us, we recall using alcohol-based astringents in our teens that tingled, burned and dried out our skin. This is not a toner.⁠

Toners are hydrating, nutrient-rich waters that nourish, hydrate, soothe, calm, plump and brighten your skin. While sealing moisture in the skin, they also allow for better product absorption.⁠

Sometimes referred to as hydrosols or elixirs (same same), they are steam distilled from plant material (ideally organic whole plant materials) including flowers, roots, barks, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and resin that contain beneficial properties that address different skin types. Toners can be made from a single material ( a rose hydrosol) or a blend of hydrosols and whole plant extracts. When purchasing a toner, a hydrosol not water should be the primary ingredient.⁠

How to use a toner: Spray toner directly onto the skin. DO NOT use a cotton pad to drench with the toner. Why waste all that beautiful product on something other than your skin? Spray generously onto your clean skin, pat in your skin. If it absorbs quickly, reapply. Drench the skin and then follow with your serum and/or moisturizer. ⁠

Trust us! Once you see the results of a toner, you will never want to be without.

Do you use a toner? Do you have a favourite?⁠ These are OUR FAVOURITE TONERS!

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