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Vyshyvanka Day

Today is Vyshyvanka Day. If you come into our shops, you'll see Laryssa and Oresta wearing vyshyvankas. Vyshyvanka Day celebrates the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt, known as vyshyvanka. The word "vyshyvanka" comes from the Ukrainian verb "vyshyvaty," which means to embroider. This holiday is observed on the third Thursday of May each year and holds great relevance in Ukrainian culture and heritage.

The vyshyvanka has deep historical and cultural significance in Ukraine, dating back centuries. Each region of Ukraine has its own unique style of vyshyvanka, featuring distinct patterns, motifs, and colors that reflect the local traditions and symbolism. Our ancestors believed that the embroidery of the Vyshyvanka protects against evil forces. The embroidered shirt holds deep significance as it symbolizes Ukrainian heritage, dignity, and represents the resilience of the Ukrainian people in the face of adversity.

Vyshyvanka unites Ukrainians worldwide.  Vyshyvanka Day has become a symbol of unity and pride among Ukrainians worldwide holding immense relevance by honoring our homeland and showing support for the Ukrainian people.

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